Automattic is looking for the world’s absolute best systems engineers.

Help us solve problems we don’t know we have.

Is this you?

  • Motivated by impact. A perennial learner and sharer.
  • Excited by the idea of developing, building, and maintaining a leading global infrastructure.
  • Dedicated to continually iterating on performance.
  • Up on the latest, best thinking about security (including your own).
  • Passionate about protecting your customers’ data and privacy.
  • Prefer the idea of running massive private data centers to relying on third-party clouds.
  • Familiar with most of these technologies: Docker, Nginx, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Node.js, Statsd, Graphite, Prometheus, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Hadoop, MogileFS, HDFS, and BGP.

If that’s you, you’ll love this:

On our Systems team, you’ll power tens of billions of page views, and support over a billion web surfers every month—including VIP customers like Meta, Disney, and Salesforce—across products including WordPress.comWooCommerceTumblrWordPress VIPJetpack, and many more.

Via 30 private data centers in 30 locations across 6 continents, we keep dozens of services and products up and running—with maximum safety, security, performance, and reliability.

As part of a small and vertically integrated team responsible for a huge setup, you’ll have a unique opportunity to participate in all aspects of the management of our infrastructure. You’ll help us develop, build, and maintain a leading global infrastructure that reaches billions of users… and share our learnings with the world.

We are a globally distributed team, and where you live doesn't matter.

We believe in lifelong learning and professional growth, and if you work here, you’re sure to master new, cutting edge languages and platforms.

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