In the last decade, more and more people are becoming interested in the idea of earning a full time living online. People are becoming stressed out and overworked. Jobs are becoming less and less reliable.

In fact, according to Forbes, freelancing is currently making up about 34% of today's workforce and is expected to jump to 50% by 2020.

People are noticeably sick of jumping from job to job, getting laid off, and having to everything their boss' way, instead of their own.

Plus, companies benefit from hiring freelancers as opposed to full time employees because of the costs they save on insurance, equipment, furniture, office space, hourly wages, etc.

And of course, with the power of the internet controlling just about everything in society these days, there are more opportunities than ever to make money online and start doing things YOUR way.

Here's some great ways to start earning a living online to support yourself and your family…

100 Ways To Make Money Online Legitimately

1. Become a freelance writer and sell blog posts, in-depth articles, and other publications.

2. Become a web developer and build websites for people.

3. If you're good at building popular websites, flip them like you would houses by buying sites for sale, fixing them up, building a following and selling them on GoDaddy auctions.

4. Transcribe videos, audios and other information for people. Try SpeakWrite or some of these sites.

5. Work from home by taking calls from a call center with services like Liveops.

6. Watch Youtube-style videos online and get paid by Swagbucks. The videos are from brands that need more exposure and you earn points for watching that can be redeemed for cash.

7. Become a graphic designer if you have an artistic side. 99designs is one of the best places to offer these services.

8. Offer translation services if you speak many languages.

9. Make money from Google Adsense or other ad services on your website. Just make sure you have decent traffic first, then apply to put ads on your site and get paid monthly.

10. Do free trials and get paid by Project Payday. Make sure you cancel the trials before you get charged (assuming you don't like the product).

11. Sell stock photography through sites like Shutterstock, iStock, etc.

12. Get paid to use Bing as your default search engine. You get credits for every search you make and can cash them in for gift cards.

13. Sell your junk mail to SBK Center and get Visa prepaid cards that you can use like debit cards.

14. Do online surveys at SendEarnings or other sites. You get $5 just to sign up on SendEarnings.

15. Sell your used clothes at sites like Tradesy,, or

16. Make money every month from helping clean up search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Learn more about doing this for Google here.

17. Make art or crafts and sell them on Etsy.

18. Help companies name themselves through Naming Force or Squad Help.

19. Let someone rent your house or apartment for the night with Airbnb.

20. Sell online course on Udemy. We all know a lot about something, so why not make Udemy lessons on it?

21. Review websites and apps with

22. Publish books on Amazon Kindle. Here's some tips on getting your first few book reviews.

23. Offer PPC advertising services for others who need marketing assistance. Good at Google Adwords, Bing or Facebook PPC? This would be great for you.

24. Create a consulting website for a niche you have a lot of skills in. Consulting and freelance are the future, not regular jobs.

25. Get paid to promote Amazon products through Amazon Associates.

26. Write slogans for different companies and get paid to do it through sites like Slogan Slingers or Get A Slogan .

27. Good at certain school subjects? Become an online tutor for students using sites like Ace Your College Classes.

28. Fix iphones or other smartphones for people. Set up a Facebook Page or website, have people ship you the phones, fix them and ship them back at a set cost.

29. Sell your smartphone photos on an app like Foap.

30. Be part of the Nielsen Consumer Panel and make money by scanning the barcodes of what's in your fridge and send the data to them for redeemable gift points.

31. Use Amazon's Mechanical Turk to accomplish easy tasks on your computer for some extra income.

32. Sell your notes on Notesale where students can download them for a price.

33. Create a popular or niche-targeted Youtube channel and get paid from advertisements on your videos. Pewdiepie and other Youtubers make millions doing this (believe it or not).

34. Get paid for searching on the internet with

35. Make money from CPA marketing sites like PeerFly or OfferVault. Instead of people having to buy the product, they just need to perform an action on the page of some kind for you to get paid.

36. Sell stuff on Craigslist that you don't need anymore.

37. Promote songs, movies, etc. from the Apple Store and get paid through the Apple Affiliate Program.

38. Sell products on sites like Clickbank or Commission Junction by getting others to promote them for you as affiliates.

39. Use Clickbank, Commission Junction or other affiliate sites to market other people's products and get paid a commission per sale.

40. Make money from Sponsored Tweets by advertising other company promotions to your Twitter following.

41. Create a job section on your website for people looking to find work in your industry and make money per job posting. is a site that does this.

42. Make money from revenue sharing sites like InfoBarrel or HubPages.

43. You can earn passive income through peer-to-peer lending through sites like Lending Club.

44. Make money from rebates sites like eBates or Mr. Rebates.

45. Earn extra income from Cash Crate for doing simple tasks they give you.

46. Do different social media promotions for other companies on multiple accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ through Adly.

47. Sell different online services through Fiverr, starting at $5 per task.

48. Make some online income by promoting high-paying hosting companies like Bluehost or HostGator.

49. Sell merchandise or stuff you don't need anymore on eBay.

50. Write articles and make extra money from the Yahoo Contributor Network.


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51. Watch more TV and get paid for answering questions about what you watched using RewardTV.

52. Get rebates in exchange for you grocery receipts with the Ibotta app.

53. Use article bookmarking sites and get paid through ad revenue with Snipsly or Xomba.

54. Promote your favorite email marketing service and get paid commissions through sites like Getresponse or Aweber.

55. Make money through email marketing with Getresponse, Aweber, Infusionsoft, etc. This is one of the best ways to build a following and convert sales for any business.

56. Sell solo ads for people who want to send promotional emails to your email list.

57. Make money answering people's questions online through sites like Just Answer.

58. Sell your own physical products on Amazon like your own supplements, books, and other products. The Amazing Selling Machine course teaches you how to do this very well.

59. Sell other people's stuff on ebay and earn commissions through the eBay Partner Network.

60. Make a nice income with IPAS2, a franchise-style business model for people who want to start a business online. You make commissions from selling software, tools, referrals, etc.

61. Make money off of T-shirts you design online with E-shirt or Spreadshirt.

62. Earn some income through stock trading on sites like ETrade or Scottrade.

63. Sell pretty much anything you design without being limited to just t-shirts using a virtual storefront with Cafe Press.

64. Sell advice via telephone through Ether.

65. Sell answers to questions you receive via text message with ChaCha.

66. Answer questions and make money from Adsense revenue through Web Answers.

67. Sell your services as a freelancer at Elance or UpWork.

68. Set up listings for people on eBay or Craigslist for a fee if you're pretty good at getting stuff sold.

69. Make money from Fantasy Sports on sites like FanDuel or Draft Kings. Believe it or not, some people make 6-figure incomes from this.

70. Earn a little side cash from online poker. Yes, some people do this for a living too. Your poker hobby could pay off.

71. Try your hand at network marketing if you're a people person and are good at recruiting. Just do your research before picking a company and make sure it's legit.

72. Monetize your website with CPM (cost per impression) ads. These don't have to be clicked for you to earn revenue like, say, Adsense would.

73. Create a membership site for people to sign up for and pay a monthly fee. Should be an exclusive club site, have always-updating information courses, or something like that.

74. Share all different types of content on sites like Flixya or Mixx and get paid through ad revenue.

75. Do sponsored videos for different companies for a fee on your Youtube channel promoting a certain product for them.

76. Create multiple small niche sites for specific affiliate products for commissions.

77. Sell your own info products and host them on your website or blog.

78. Get paid to lose weight through HealthyWage or DietBet.

79. Get paid to download apps that pay you to keep them on your smartphone. Here are a few:

80. Create multiple small niche sites for specific Adsense keywords and make money off ad clicks.

81. Become a website tester. You can make $30 an hour doing this with a company called User Testing.

82. Help companies gather feedback from consumers on different aspects of their business by joining a focus group and getting paid. Pro Opinion is one example.

83. Guest Post on websites like Listverse or The Penny Hoarder and get paid $50 or more per post.

84. Build a brand and sell sponsorships through your podcast, blog etc. Get a large following like Tim Ferriss for example, and when you like a product or service, approach them about a sponsorship deal.

85. Design software and sell it online. Good software will always be in demand. If you need something that isn't in software format yet, find a way to make it yourself.

86. Design WordPress plugins and sell them to bloggers and website owners. You don't even need a website to do this because WordPress gives you an easy-to-rank sales page for your plugin.

87. Design and sell themes for WordPress sites or others that people can use to make their website look good and function well.

88. Design and sell smartphone apps. If there isn't much competition and there's a need for a certain app idea, try to make it yourself. It could really pay off.

89. You can create and sell chrome extensions in the Google Chrome Store.

90. You can become a virtual assistant online and just help others do tasks for them.

91. Flipping domain names is another thing you can do. Some domains sell for thousands of dollars by themselves without even a website being set up with it yet.

92. Use Locket or other sites like them to place an advertisement on the lock screen of your phone and get paid every time you see it. You see the advertisement by unlocking your phone.

93. You can make money online from your smartphone with My Likes, which allows you to create a social media website and get paid when people like your content.

94. Poshmark allows you to download their app, click photos of different fashion items that you would like to sell and get paid 80% when someone buys it and confirms their receipt.

95. Make money by answering polls on sites like Swagbucks.

96. Swagbucks also lets you make money by playing games on their site.

97. Flip books through Bookscouter. This app or site allows you to find the price of books that buyback sites are willing to pay and if you can get them cheap from garage sales, eBay, thrift stores, etc., you can make some good profits.

98. Use Ebates to get paid to buy things online from major retailers through their referral links and get paid 1-25% of the product price back. This can save you some money on your online shopping that you would be doing anyway.

99. Become a customer service rep for a company or website. This way you get steady income like a job, but can work from home by just answering support emails, live chat questions, etc.

100. Make money from coaching if you have lots of experience in  certain field and can give good advice or help people improve results or make decisions in that field.


Whether your goal is to make a little extra side cash or a full time living online, you have countless options out there these days. And, with the economy going in more of a freelance direction, it's the perfect time to start your first online ventures.

What is your favorite way to make money online legitimately?


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    4 replies to "100 Ways To Make Money Online Legitimately"

    • Sunday

      Hey Justin,
      A great list you just shared. In reality, there is something for everyone who are interested in making money online.

      For the newbie and uninformed, these ways should be revealing. For the experts and informed, this list can serve as a reminder.

      Personally, I have explored and exploited more than 10 ways. I must add that making the best from any of these ways requires patience, passion, persistence, and plans!

      I left the above comment in as well

      • Justin Bryant

        Hey Sunday, you make some great points. None of these are “get rich quick” strategies. They can all create an online income, but require patience and work.

    • metz

      The internet is a very wide world. There are millions of websites, both active and inactive can be found.

      People in this era, are more interested in using the internet not just to share stories and information, but to make money, work online and work on hours/time they want.

      But because of the wide world of internet, fraud websites are harder to distinguish. Good thing you shared this with us.

      This 100 ways to make money online is a must read. Thanks for proving the information that is shared here and the links of websites that gives legitimate works.

      Very helpful!

      • Justin Bryant

        Thanks for the comment, Metz. I wanted to include links to the sites, so people could see they are legitimate and can easily try them out.

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