In this video, you will learn about 10 side hustles for college students in 2018.

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Brands, resources, and examples mentioned:

  • Amazon Flex pays you to deliver Amazon orders from fulfillment centers to customers’ doorsteps. You get paid $18-$25 per hour and it all works through an app like Uber.


  • GrubHub is one of the most popular food delivery apps on the market. Users get the app and order from restaurants partnered with GrubHub. Then, you get paid to pick up the food and deliver it to the customer.


  • TaskRabbit is best for people who are willing to make extra money doing handy work, running errands, cleaning, moving furniture, and things like that. Work is found on the app and is usually very close by.


  • Fiverr is a freelancing site where the freelancer states what kind of work they will do, how fast, and at what price. Messaging between the freelancer and customer as well as payment are taken care of within the platform.


  • Notesale is a website where you can sell your lecture notes. You will be helping students out while making money from taking notes in class, which you probably have to do anyway.


  • Foap is an app that lets you make money uploading photos and selling them for $5 per download. You can just upload the photos directly from your phone to the app and sell each one an unlimited number of times.


  • Uber is a popular app that let’s you sign up as sort of a freelance taxi driver using your own vehicle. You need to live near a fairly big city, pass a background check, have a driver’s license, and meet vehicle requirements.


  • User Testing is a website that makes it easy for you to make around $30 per hour testing new apps and websites while giving feedback. This will also help many companies create better products for the public.


  • TranscribeMe lets you get paid to do pretty easy work that involves converting audio files into text. You need to have a decent WPM typing speed and grammar to do this kind of work.


  • Guest writing is another great way to make money on the side because you can take as much work as you’re willing to do while getting paid quite a bit per article. Here’s a list of 15 sites that pay at least $200 per guest article.



Bonus: If you’d like to make even more money online, try these free apps:

  • FeaturePoints – Get paid to try free apps, play games, take surveys, and watch videos. Get free points with this code: E7KRRE


  • Swagbucks – Get paid to watch videos, browse the internet, shop online, and take surveys.


  • Ibotta – Get paid to scan your grocery store and other retail receipts.


  • InboxDollars – Get paid to check you email, surf the web, take surveys, watch videos, play games, and try special offers.


  • Ebates – Get paid to shop online.




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10 Side Hustles for College Students in 2018


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