In this video, you will learn how to make passive income like top brands in 2017.

In the 4th episode of this series, I cover how Tim Ferriss, bestselling author and podcast expert, makes money online with his massive brand.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Here are some of the ways Tim Ferriss makes passive income online:


1. Books

Tim Ferriss has made millions of dollars on book sales alone. He’s written 4 bestsellers. You don’t necessarily have to write a bestseller to make a lot of money from book publishing though.

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2. Podcast with ads

The Tim Ferriss Show is an extremely popular podcast where he interviews top people in all different types of fields. He uses private advertisements at the beginning and end to monetize the podcast.

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3. Blog as show notes and resources hub

Tim Ferriss doesn’t use his blog like most bloggers do these days. Instead of writing long articles like he used to, he now posts show notes and book resources in the form of blog posts.

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4. Affiliate links

Affiliate marketing seems to be a big part of the income that is generated from Tim’s blog. Considering he is always experimenting with and recommending products, this is a perfect source of passive income for him.

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5. YouTube to promote podcast

While he does post traditional videos of himself giving advice, answering popular questions, and other things, Tim Ferriss actually posts mostly podcast episodes to his YouTube channel. This is because he understands podcasting better and it allows him to expand on his strengths.

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