In this video, you will learn about 9 easy side gigs that don’t require experience.

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Brands, resources, and examples mentioned:

  • 3PlayMedia pays you to transcriptions and editing work, even if you’re a beginner. You must pass an English proficiency test though.


  • Ubiqus is another transcription company that is willing to hire beginners as well as experiences pros. You do need to reside in the U.S. and be a native English speaker to be accepted.


  • Terescription is a great company to work for if you want to focus on the entertainment industry. You need to be able to type 70 words per minute though. You can test you WPM typing speed here.


  • Babbletype hires both transcribers and editors even if you’re not experienced. They pay $12-$15 per transcription hour via PayPal.


  • GMR Transcription allows pretty much anyone to make an account and work for them as long as you can pass a test to qualify. You also need to transcribe 60 minutes of audio per day here.


  • 1-888-TypeItUp pays you biweekly via PayPal at a rate of $1-$2 per audio minute transcribed. Past experience is not required, but you need to have your own transcription software and pass a test.



  • CastingWords is an international company that hires workers of varying experience to transcribe audio files to text. You can actually listen to the audio before deciding if you’ll transcribe it to give you more freedom to pick your jobs. You are paid per minute of transcription.


  • Daily Transcription hires only U.S. and Canada residents to do transcription work. They cover the legal, corporate, academic, and entertainment industries.




Bonus: If you’d like to make even more money online, try these free apps:

  • FeaturePoints – Get paid to try free apps, play games, take surveys, and watch videos. Get free points with this code: E7KRRE


  • Swagbucks – Get paid to watch videos, browse the internet, shop online, and take surveys.


  • Ibotta – Get paid to scan your grocery store and other retail receipts.


  • InboxDollars – Get paid to check you email, surf the web, take surveys, watch videos, play games, and try special offers.


  • Ebates – Get paid to shop online.




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9 easy side gigs that don't require experience


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