In this video, you will learn about the 13 best apps to make money taking surveys online.

You can earn quite a bit of extra money if you use these apps while you’re standing in line, waiting in the drive-thru, etc.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Here are a few apps to make some extra money taking surveys:



1. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars pays you a lot of different ways and one of them happens to be with surveys.

Helpful resources:

  • You get Inbox Dollars here.



2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks not only pays you through surveys, but they also pay your for watching videos, surfing the internet, etc.

Helpful resources:

  • You can get Swagbucks here.



3. Surveys On The Go

Surveys On The Go might be one of the more well-known survey apps that has been around awhile.

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4. Google Opinion Rewards

Google always does a pretty good job creating quality products and services and Google Opinion Rewards is no different.

Helpful resources:

  • Here’s the link to Google Opinion Rewards.



5. iPoll

iPoll is another survey app that’s been around a good while and can be counted for making some extra money from lots of different surveys.

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6. YouGov

YouGov is a nice change-of-pace survey app that pays you to share opinions on interesting topics while also getting to see what others said as well.

Helpful resources:

  • Check out YouGov here.



7. i-Say

i-Say is a pretty well-known survey app that will always have plenty of questions for you to get paid to answer.

Helpful resources:

  • Try out i-Say here.



8. QuickThoughts

If you don’t mind getting paid in Amazon gift cards, QuickThoughts is definitely a survey app worth trying.

Helpful resources:

  • Check out QuickThoughts here.



9. Cash Reward

Cash Reward not only pays you for surveys but also for downloading free apps, registering for free websites, and more.

Helpful resources:

  • Try Cash Reward here.



10. SurveyMini

SurveyMini was built to help improve consumer experiences around the world. You can help with the cause and get paid in all kinds of gift cards in the process.

Helpful resources:

  • Get the SurveyMini app here.



11. EasyShift

If you like the idea of exploring places locally in combination with completing surveys, EasyShift might be a great option for you.

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12. Zap Surveys

With Zap Surveys, not only do you earn money for completing surveys, but you also earn money for charities as well.

Helpful resources:

  • Try Zap Surveys here.



13. EarningStation

EarningStation allows you to make money from surveys, games, shopping, and other activities.

Helpful resources:

  • Here’s a link to try out EarningStation.





If you like earning money from surveys, it’s actually a lot easier now than it used to be. There are all kinds of apps out there that can help you make some extra money from sharing your opinions.

Justin Bryant
Justin Bryant

I'm an entrepreneur, fitness freak, artist, car enthusiast, sports fan and self improvement addict. My goal is to help people be their best and create incredible businesses that change the world.

    2 replies to "13 Best Apps to Make Money Taking Surveys Online"

    • Sarah

      Hi Justin

      Love hearing your insights on how to accumulate extra income.

      I have opted for a couple of your suggestions but, as yet not been overly lucky.

      I am fully aware I am not a business minded person and fully respect a need to be is where most of today’s assets aspire from.

      That said. I have an idea that I believe would be pretty good and a relatively good earner in royalties if, I were selling to the best person.
      So far I have only come across companies who want me to pay out beforehand.
      Research says if it’s a good idea then there need be no spending first

      I want a genuine company to tell me the truth about my idea and go from there without spending

      Do you know where I can go with my idea?

    • yashdeep vitthalani

      nice list bro
      it’s awesome

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