In this video, you will learn how to make $1,000 per month from one YouTube video.

I’ll break down exactly how you need to go about creating videos that have huge potential.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Here is how to make a super successful YouTube video:



1. Make sure your video subject has high search volume

Without a monthly search volume of at least 10,000 – 100,000 on the Google Keyword Planner, you may have trouble getting enough traffic to make $1,000 per month from one video.

Helpful resources:

  • Google Adwords is where you can sign up for free and start using the Keyword Planner to research traffic potential.



2. Go after a broader audience

If you single people out and make videos that only relate to section of your audience, you aren’t giving yourself a very good chance of maximizing video potential.

Helpful resources:

  • The YouTube Trending videos page is a great place to get some ideas of what kind of videos do extremely well on YouTube. You’ll notice they usually don’t single out a section of the audience.



3. Use analytics to find what your subscribers want

If you don’t know your analytics, good luck getting anywhere with your channel. The numbers are there to help you understand what’s working and what isn’t.

Helpful resources:

  • Use YouTube Analytics to get advanced metrics that will show you what your audience likes most and doesn’t care much for.



4. Go after high CPM keywords

If you want to make the majority, if not all of your income on YouTube from ad monetization, you will be better off if you go after keywords with high bids from advertisers.



5. Use a multi-part keyword phrase everywhere

You want to diversify your keyword phrases a little bit when you try to rank your videos. Instead of going after just one main keyword phrase with lots of potential, go after longer variations of it as well that are easier to rank for.

This helps you videos get off to a quick start and build momentum.



6. Have multiple streams of income for the video

Making lots of money from video can be tough if you only have one stream of income. You may want to have some sort of combination of ad monetization, affiliate income, courses, etc.

Helpful resources:



7. Make the video related to other popular videos

Whether you have some videos that are doing really well or you want to model after your competitors’ top videos, using related keywords can give videos a big boost.

I recommend looking at your competitors’ videos and sorting by most popular to see what subjects get hundreds of thousands or even millions of views related to your industry.

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