Make an easy $15-$40/hour researching different things online with these jobs and side hustles:

Game Researcher at Liquid & Grit

Liquid & Grit is a product insights firm for mobile gaming.

What you'll do:

“As a game researcher, you work closely with large mobile gaming companies to build out customized research.

You will work directly with the CEO of Liquid & Grit to take data—in the form of data in excel, research reports, and other information—and refine it into a well-written, well-constructed Google document report.

The work will be broad, ranging from looking at data, forming strategies, and reviewing market analysis.”


“No prior experience necessary—we often find that people without experience do very well.

Access to a computer and internet.

At least one iPad or iPhone for playing mobile games to check things out.

You have the ability to work in google documents, google sheets, and powerpoint/keynote.

You are diligent, disciplined to get your work done, and smart.

You want to have autonomy and do great work that you are proud of.

You can manage your own time and you pay attention to details.

You are a fast learner and enjoy the challenge of figuring things out.

You play some games (you do not have to be a hard core gamer, but it helps to know games).”


“We are located in California but have an entirely remote workforce (and have for years).

This role is a contract role that will be done remotely—meaning you can work wherever you want—but it will be ongoing, consistent work.”


“This is a contract position, $40 per hour.

The hours will start 10-20 as we get acquainted with your work The hours will ramp to 20-35 as you prove yourself.”

Call Center QA

One place where you can do this is Call Center QA.

Here, you can get paid $5 per 5-10 minute mystery shopping phone call.

This equates to $30-$60 per hour if you get enough volume.

Plus, with Call Center QA, you don't need any experience to apply.

Advanced Background Check

At Advanced Background Check, you can get paid around $26/hour to research people's backgrounds.

This helps companies make good hiring decisions based on someone's history.

For this, you usually need at least 3 years of title experience as well as Errors and Omissions Insurance.


With IRC (Interactive Research Communications), you can get paid around $15/hour to conduct telemarketing surveys.

Here's what they say about the position:

“Interactive Research Communications is searching for Inside Sales – Survey Taking – candidates who would respond back to those who had downloaded a topic related whitepaper. This is a great opportunity for a self-starter with Technology Industry (IT) sales experience. Candidates are employees of our partnered staffing company and can work either full or part time from their home-office. The pay for this project is $15.00/hour.

Please note that this is a business-to-business telemarketing position using our cloud based telesales system designed for virtual agents. The position will require cold-calling our targeted lists using your own phone line, a WINDOWS-based computer, and high-speed internet access. You must be able to commit at least four hours per day. The hours that you work are flexible although you must commit to a minimum of four hours per day during the 5 day working week.

Our clients are A-list firms who are leaders in the IT industry. The candidate for this project will be cold-calling IT Managers and other mid-level executives in order to generate surveys regarding their technology plans for the next 12 months. You should have some basic knowledge of IT concepts, but will be trained on the specific technologies you will be presenting. All calling lists, scripts, and marketing materials will be provide to help ensure your success in taking these surveys. Training is provided and you will be paid during the initial training period.”

Yardi Matrix

At Yardi Matrix, you can sometimes apply to be a Surveyor who gathers apartment information.

It's almost like a mystery shopping gig.

You call different apartment communities pretending to be a potential renter and gather information.

Here's what they say about it:

Why We Conduct Surveys – Our product provides information on various dynamic aspects of apartment community operations, requiring that regular assessments be conducted. The Rent Survey updates an apartment community’s rents, current rent specials, and several other factors subject to frequent change. The process requires calling apartment communities and asking various questions.

Computer/Telephone Need – High speed Internet access and long-distance telephone service are required. There is no selling involved, but apartment communities are called to ask them simple questions about their apartments, a process requiring good telephone etiquette and a pleasant demeanor.

Surveys are Conducted as a Renter – Surveys must be conducted as a potential renter to ensure accuracy of information. This requires that you be willing to play the role of a renter.

Survey Timing – Survey team members must have a minimum of 75 completed done surveys the first week and 100 completed done surveys each week thereafter, with calls made between the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM within surveyed time zones. *A completed done survey is one that has been marked Done, meaning no further calls are needed; surveys marked Part Done, Answering Machine, No Answer or Wrong Number do not count towards fulfilling these requirements.

Compensation – Surveyors will be paid $6 per hour and a piece rate of $.50 for surveys marked Done, $.30 for surveys marked Wrong Number, $.20 for surveys marked Part-Done, and $.07 for surveys marked Answering Machine or No Answer. You will receive at least minimum wage in your jurisdiction for all hours worked; however, you can earn more depending on your speed and efficiency.”

Offline Research Jobs


At WeGoLook, you can get paid to inspect, assess, document, or deliver something.

Some examples of jobs you might do are to look at items for sale online, look at a car that's for sale outside potential buyer's area, check the condition of a home that someone might want to rent, etc.

The jobs here take only 15-20 minutes to complete and can pay anywhere from $15-$200 each with an average of $15-$30.

You also get paid via PayPal or direct deposit.

All you need is a smartphone, to pass a background check, and probably some form of transportation.

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