Here are companies that provide equipment so you don't have to pay much to set up your home office when you get a work-from-home job.

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Table of Contents

  1. Buffer
  2. American Express
  3. Zapier
  4. World Travel Holdings
  5. West Marine
  6. Collage
  7. Wayfair
  8. 10up
  9. AAA
  10. Akkroo
  11. Bleacher Report
  12. Automattic
  13. Wellthy
  14. BroadPath
  15. Trafilea
  16. Help Scout
  17. Peerspace
  18. Follow Up Boss

1. Buffer

Buffer is a company that provides online social media management software that is great for automation. They don't always have a lot of jobs available, but when they do, you should apply right away because they come with many perks.

Their jobs offer a free laptop, free books, a free Kindle, and $500 for your home office setup.

Look for jobs like a Customer Advocate or Engineering Manager.

2. American Express

American Express is a company that handles credit cards, travel, and many other things.

If you work from home with them, you can get perks like a monthly allowance for phone and internet services, as well as many other perks.

Look for jobs like a Virtual Travel Consultant or something related to customer service.

3. Zapier

Zapier is a company that helps brands connect and automate business apps. They're an internet workflow automation service, in other words.

Zapier also happens to be a 100% remote company that has lots of great perks. For instance, on pretty much all of their application pages, it says, “Pick your own equipment. We'll set you up with whatever Apple laptop + monitor combo you want plus any software you need.”

It doesn't get much better than that if you want to work from home and have perks for your home office.

Look for jobs like Customer Champion, Software Engineer, or Data Analyst.

4. World Travel Holdings

World Travel Holdings is a leisure travel company that has work-at-home jobs available sometimes.

On the World Travel Holdings benefits page, it says, ” World Travel Holdings provides you a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, phone and headset.”

Look for jobs like a Villa Reservation Agent or a Web Applications Developer.

5. West Marine

West Marine is a chain of boating and fishing supply stores. They also have some jobs that allow you to work from home.

Usually, on a remote job application page at West Marine, it will say, “Computer hardware (computer, keyboard, mouse) for the position is provided by West Marine.”

Look for jobs like a Remote Incoming Contact Center Customer Service Associate or a Sales Rep.

6. Collage

Collage is a 100% remote, custom photo products company that usually has some jobs available throughout the year.

On top of the home internet reimbursement Collage provides you, they all say, “We’ll pay for any computer and home office equipment (within reason) that will help you work better.”

Look for jobs like a Lead Software Engineer or a Remote Customer Service Representative.

7. Wayfair

Wayfair is an internet-based home goods store that also has some remote jobs.

When you read through one of Wayfair's work-from-home job application pages, you'll notice under the “What You'll Need” section that you'll need a workspace free of noise or distraction and “Wayfair provides all necessary computer equipment.”

Look for jobs like a Work from Home Bilingual Customer Service or a Work from Home Sales and Service Consultant.

8. 10up

10Up is a company that makes all kinds of websites, apps, and tools for content creators using platforms like WordPress.

They provide an equipment allowance on top of many other benefits like a flexible work schedule, insurance, a professional development stipend, etc.

Look for jobs like a Web Strategist or Front End Engineer.

9. AAA

AAA is a company that specializes in automobile insurance and service. They also have remote jobs available from time-to-time.

Along with other benefits like flexible shifts and insurance, they say, ” We provide the computer, headset and necessary equipment!”

Look for jobs like a Customer Service Representative.

10. Akkroo

Akkroo is a company that specializes in event lead capture for B2B sales & marketing teams.

When you go to an application page at the Akkroo website, you'll notice a lot of difference benefits.

As far as providing equipment for your home office, they say, “We supply you with the best hardware so you can focus on the tasks at hand. We’ll hook you up with a MacBook on your first day, and we’ll sort out getting any additional hardware you need as you get settled.”

Look for jobs like a Customer Champion or Product Designer.

11. Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is a media company that covers many different sports.

When it comes to benefits, one thing they offer is “the latest technology and equipment.”

Look for jobs like an iOS Engineer or a Quality Editor.

12. Automattic

Automattic is a web development company that is known for brands like, JetPack, and WooCommerce.

In their benefits section, they mention “We happily provide or reimburse hardware and software you’ll need, as well as books or conferences that promote continued learning.”

Look for jobs like a Software Engineer or Happiness Engineer.

13. Wellthy

At Wellthy, you can get paid to work from home as a care concierge that helps caregivers of family members.

Basically, you would help those caring for an aging or sick loved one by helping them schedule appointments, get prescriptions filled, contest insurance bills, etc.

They provide a laptop and a $50 per month stipend for internet on top of many other benefits.

14. BroadPath

BroadPath is a company that provides “business, compliance, and technology services to healthcare payers and providers in commercial and government sectors.”

They tend to have lots of work-from-home jobs available throughout the year.

One benefit offered for many of these jobs is that you will be provided “a Laptop, 4 Port USB Hub, Bhive Web Camera and USB Headset.” They tell you this in the job description if applicable.

15. Trafilea

Trafilea is an ecommerce group that builds direct-to-consumer brands.

Most of their jobs also happen to be work-from-home.

One of their many benefits includes a technology stipend. On their website, they say, “We will provide or reimburse part of your hardware and software, depending on your needs.”

16. Help Scout

Help Scout is a company that provides help desk software that also happens to have a few work-from-home jobs available from time-to-time.

Among their many perks like an $1,800 personal development stipend and 401k with 1% match, you also get “a Mac laptop and display (or equivalent equipment of choice). We’ll also purchase any additional software or hardware you need.”

In their job application pages, they also say, “Every new hire gets $1,500 USD to furnish their home office, and up to $350 USD per month if you'd like to rent a co-working desk somewhere.”

Seems like they really want you to have everything you need to do a good job!

17. Peerspace

Peerspace is a peer-to-peer marketplace for booking space for events, meetings and productions.

They are another company that mostly hires remotely.

Their benefits are great!

On top of getting things like $500 annually for professional development, medical coverage, company discounts, etc., you also get an Apple laptop, 4k display, and stipend to set up your home office.

And then, you also get a monthly cell phone and internet credit.

That's pretty hard to beat!

18. Follow up Boss

Follow Up Boss is a CRM for high-growth real estate businesses.

Here are more details about the company:


  • Work remotely: Live and work wherever you like!
  • Competitive salary: Our career framework pays in the top 10% no matter where you live.
  • Insurance: Company paid health, dental & vision insurance for all of our team members and their families.
  • Family leave: generous family leave – fully paid!
  • Home office setup: Get a Macbook Pro + $1000 to set up your home office.
  • Personal development stipend: $1000 per year to focus on bettering yourself.
  • 401(k): With 6% company match!
  • Retreats: Join us for company get-togethers every year!
  • Co-working stipend: Get some extra cash for a co-working space or a coffee shop work.
  • Free books and Kindle: Get a free Kindle and all the free books – digital and audio – you like, anytime.
  • Gym: Monthly stipend to keep you active and feeling good.
  • Money each month to spend on caffeine.

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      It looks like many of the jobs require desk top and fast internet speed. I’d like to be able to use my laptop and a hotspot for internet access. Any ideas?

      • Justin Bryant

        I would look into fully remote companies like Buffer, Animalz, Zapier, etc. Typically you can work remotely, even while traveling the world at these kinds of sites. I have a few videos and blogs that cover fully remote companies that might have what you’re looking for. Good luck!

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      Thanks for the Youtube videos. I’ve been looking for some extra work, but I have an important question. Do you know if Lionbridge or any other companies are rejecting applications from residents of Californa due to labor laws in the state? We have a new law here, well-intended but misguided, which makes it difficult for companies to hire independent contractors. I want to know if this is a trend I should be aware of. Should I lower my expectations and just hope for the best?


    • Gladys

      Thank you, Justin Bryant,
      (for posting HOME BASE EMPLOYMENT & letting us know the Companies will at least provide the equipment/give reimbursement back to you, just to get started, (many do not have $700 to get started, when your unemployed, you feel HELPLESS) and wanting to help those, who are unable to help themselves, & they want to help others too, this is what makes the WORLD a better place to live). Someone in my shoes 02/14/2019 have been looking for HELP!

      Today, is first day I am viewing this Information you are sharing with the WORLD, while searching; I am an Unpaid-Caregiver, who have given America 39 to 40 years of EMPLOYMENT; and America has not yet, figured out something very simple (Income Replace Insurance Policies Supplemental Benefits for every person to just simply pay you biweekly/monthly benefits offered through every employer, (yearly enrollment, but not the benefits WE ALL NEED, only what they allow us to participate in); that are transferable no matter what the job is; for every employee/individual/family, so when any dark day comes a knocking, “there will never be a Loss of Income”. This provides CAREGIVERS/CARETAKERS/FIRST RESPONDERS life-long incomes, preventing their households from poverty/homeless, low wages/income; no one should never be in a mind game of “how are we going to make it, what are we going to do, I do not know what to do”; When there is Income in place, you continue moving forward, as you daily 24/7, 365 days of the rest of your life, be able to focus on all other daily adjustments; because you are limitless, you maybe the only HELP, your special needs/disabled adult or child/elderly family member have, & as CAREGIVERS there are no one to relieve you, because your family members & friends must continue working/focus on their daily grin & life situations; and when life & health decides to inflict anyone with life-long critical illnesses, traumatic injuries (head injuries/concussions), life-long illness maybe if possible (for those who are able to return back to the work force, but many will not); Companies/Organizations/Self-Employment Companies all Businesses should be re-thinking their direction, and include HOME-BASE work for CAREGIVERS, no one can prevent medical emergencies & your Employer is never concerned with your dark days, no one goes to bat to financially help you, with setting up a LIFE-LONG GO ME FUND by first co-workers & employer have a matching donation event, put out there asking SOCIETY to match this 7 x 7 x7 percent; until then, groups in SOCIETY, POLITICIANS (I have & there are many solutions) need talk more to CITIZENS first regarding above conversation to Implement these compensation components above through, a suggestion example; AFLAC, & others today, go back retro-activate compensate to those who left their jobs 2017 to present, like me, who had to resign from employment to care for another HUMAN-BEING. Extreme Consideration “Everybody does not have the resources others maybe able to have or afford”. Gladys (

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      Jenna, 02/19/2020

      Thanks Justin, pray these does help Caregivers; society has not considered their dilemma
      Our Comments for the above information shared from Gladys, & she is on point, if you do not believe/think so, keep living…
      Please Family, America, petition your politicians (those who believe in America & know all this & more can be done like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang, Juan Castro keep informing us all, dark days will come to ALL of US, Andrew Yang being President would have ensured companies that do not pay their share of taxes, would have put the $1000 plus dividend in every household to every adult 18 plus, but we still do not believe this can be done, they steal from all of us daily $zillion/$trillions of $$); our Country needs to expand social security benefits, Caregivers, those over age 50 to 65 should be paid, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, any public assistance programs to help FAMILIES like Gladys’s monthly pay their utilities, imagine, your vehicle breaks down & you aren’t able go back & forth for medical attention themselves the Caregivers, on top of having transport the family member who needs daily CARE to medical attention? Like she presented Income Replacement Supplemental benefits today, must be put in place, or government pay the Caregiver the same income a LPN, Certified Nursing Assistant & Home Health Aide earns, combine their rate of pay together, now this takes care of Caregiver; Caregivers renders the same duties/responsibilities as all medical professionals WE all just got to change the way we think, this is 2020 not 1420? Jenna

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      I am having to leave my job in call center need a job that provide equipment for me to work from home.

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      Currently a certified nurses assistant I want to stay in the medical field but need to work from home are there any medically inclined work from home opportunities?

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