Here are the best work from home jobs you can do if you all you want to use is your smartphone.

You can get paid up to $45/hour!

1. Ads Evaluation at Telus International

An ad evaluation job typically involves searching different queries in search engines and then evaluating whether ads that show up in search results are relevant to what was typed in.

At Telus International, you can get an Ads Evaluator job that allows you get paid to do exactly what I mentioned above.

There is no experience or interview required to get one of these jobs, but you usually have to study for and pass some kind of test before starting work.

These can also be offered in many different countries and languages around the world.

People on Glassdoor say they earned an average of around $30/hour doing this.

2. Translation at Gengo

At Gengo, you can get paid up to $25/hour to translate if you are multilingual.

You can work from home in just about any country worldwide, make your own schedule and apply without an interview.

They also let you use just about any device you want to do the work.

3. Microtasking at Clickworker

Clickworker is a crowdsourcing platform that offers various microtasks to a distributed workforce of freelancers, often referred to as “Clickworkers.”

Here's what it's like to do microtasking at Clickworker:

  1. Task Variety: Clickworker offers a wide range of microtasks, including data entry, web research, content creation, image tagging, sentiment analysis, and more. The tasks can vary in complexity and duration, but they are generally short and require minimal time and effort to complete.
  2. Flexibility: As a Clickworker, you have the flexibility to choose which tasks you want to work on and when you want to work. There are usually no set working hours or commitments, allowing you to fit the microtasks around your own schedule.
  3. Platform Interface: Clickworker provides an intuitive online platform where you can access available tasks, complete them, and submit your work. The platform typically offers clear instructions and guidelines for each task to ensure accuracy and quality.
  4. Skill Requirements: While some tasks may require specific skills or qualifications, many microtasks at Clickworker do not demand specialized knowledge or expertise. This makes it accessible to a wide range of individuals looking to earn money from simple online tasks.
  5. Earnings: The payment for each completed microtask can vary based on its complexity and the time required. Clickworker typically pays a small fee for each task, and accumulated earnings can be withdrawn through various payment methods, such as PayPal or bank transfer.
  6. Task Availability: The availability of tasks can fluctuate depending on demand and client requirements. Sometimes there may be an abundance of tasks available, while other times, the task pool might be limited.
  7. Task Quality and Accuracy: Clickworker emphasizes the importance of task accuracy, as the quality of completed tasks impacts the reputation of the platform and the client satisfaction. Following the provided guidelines and paying attention to detail is essential to maintain a good reputation as a Clickworker.
  8. Community and Support: Clickworker maintains a community forum or support system where microtaskers can ask questions, share experiences, and receive assistance if needed.

4. Answer Homework Questions at Studypool

Studypool, formerly known as Createpool, lets you make money by sharing your expertise much like the other sites on this list.

They will take 20% of your earnings as their commission and leave you the other 80% to keep.

Also, keep in mind that most questions at Studypool are academic-related.

As part of the application process, tutors are asked to complete a Knowledge Quiz with this and their work on the platform itself leading to special badges to recognize their specialties and skills.

They say you can earn up to $7500/month.

5. Personal Training at Kickoff

This is another site and app where you can make money from your phone.

You get paid up to $10,000/month for coaching up to 100 people at a time.

It's a great place to make money as a fitness coach.

You also get to make your own schedule.

The app also have built-in AI that helps you manage clients and work as efficiently as possible.

6. Website Testing at UserTesting

Another great way to make money online from your phone is to test websites and apps on sites like UserTesting.

The going rate for most sites like these is $10 for about 20 minutes of testing, on average.

With UserTesting, you can make up to $120 per test, depending on the type.

You also get paid via PayPal and apply from almost anywhere in the world!

7. Tutoring at Wyzant

At Wyzant, you can get paid to tutor people in school subjects.

You get to keep 75% or your earnings, while the company keeps the other 25% to cover costs of running the business.

As far as pay, you can set your own hourly rates here and get paid by direct deposit.

According to Glassdoor, tutors tend to average around $25/hour here.

8. Coaching at TaskHuman

At TaskHuman, you can make up to $50/hour ($26.53/hour average) as a coach.

You can coach people in wellness, fitness, sales, business, etc.

Pretty much everything can be managed on your phone and you can work when you want while helping people achieve more in life.

Typically, they want about 5 years of experience in the area you are trying to coach in.

9. Website Testing at Userlytics

Another thing you can do to make money online with your phone is testing websites and apps at Userlytics.

At Userlytics, you can get paid anywhere from $5 to $90 per test to give feedback on websites and apps.

You can also get paid via PayPal and apply from all around the world.

You can also get started as early as 16 years old.

10. Pet Boarding at Rover

With Rover, you can work from home doing pet boarding.

Basically, you would just have to sign up for the app, get approved and find jobs in your area to let people drop there pet off at your house while they are away.

If you want to stay home, I recommend pet boarding, which is also known for being the highest paying job on the app.

Otherwise, you can walk dogs, check in on pets at their home, etc.

You can set your own prices and get paid via PayPal.

According to Glassdoor, you may earn around $17-$20/hour.

11. Answering Questions at JustAnswer

JustAnswer is one of the most highly-trafficked websites for paying people to answer questions.

You get paid 50% of what customers are willing to pay for your answer as your commission.

You may be able to make between $20-$50 per question you successfully answer.

Also, if you want to be paid via PayPal, that is an option.

This guy made over $100,000 in a year just answering questions about RVs on JustAnswer.

These are estimates of what he earned:

  • 300 questions/week
  • $20,000/month
  • $5,000/week
  • $16.70/question
  • 43-60 questions/day
  • 2.5-3.5 questions/hour answered

It's a great way to make extra money with the expertise from your profession.

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