What is it that makes productive people so successful? How do they manage countless businesses, have the energy to work 60 hour weeks and still have time to travel and enjoy time with their loved ones?

Well, it turns out, the things productive people do differently from everyone else really aren't that special.

In fact you can enjoy increased productivity, more energy, a better social life and even less stress all at the same time if you do what they do.



Here's 50 Things Productive People Do Differently To Be Successful:


  1. They don't hang out with negative people.
  2. They wake up early.
  3. They do some form of meditation.
  4. They visualize their goals each day.
  5. They eat a healthy breakfast.
  6. They don't even try to multitask.
  7. They lead, instead of follow.
  8. They don't dwell on the past.
  9. They don't procrastinate.
  10. They have a consistent schedule or daily routine.
  11. They avoid checking email multiple times during the day.
  12. They plan ahead for the next day.
  13. They read at least a few minutes everyday. Here are 50 books every entrepreneur should read.
  14. They stay positive.
  15. They aren't afraid to ask for other people's feedback.
  16. They prioritize and deal with the most important tasks first.
  17. They have successful friends that they spend time with and learn from.
  18. They always challenge themselves to reach new levels.
  19. They look for solutions and don't waste time complaining.
  20. They take care of their health.
  21. They get plenty of sleep so they feel good the next day.
  22. They focus on being more productive, instead of just busy.
  23. Write a little everyday in a journal, blog or something similar.
  24. They reach out and learn from other successful influencers.
  25. They aren't afraid to get out of their comfort zone.
  26. They make decisions logically, not emotionally to avoid future problems.
  27. They reduce their commute time by moving close to work or working from home.
  28. They don't have meetings unless they are very important.
  29. They work in a field or own a business in a niche they are passionate about.
  30. They write down their daily, monthly and yearly goals.
  31. They visualize their goals everyday.
  32. They aren't afraid to ask for advice.
  33. They don't watch too much news or other negative TV shows.
  34. They look at all angles and determine the risk / reward of each decision before making it.
  35. They eliminate distractions from their work space.
  36. They don't worry about things they can't control.
  37. They time off to spend with loved ones and recharge from the workweek.
  38. They do their best to build the best team around them.
  39. They try to improve themselves a little bit everyday through books, courses, audio, and studying other successful people.
  40. They don't go to bed too late.
  41. They outsource tedious tasks they don't like doing.
  42. They always set new goals when they reach them.
  43. They celebrate when they reach their goals to reward themselves.
  44. They put up pictures of goals, family, and other things that motivate them around their work space.
  45. They model after what works for others instead of reinventing the wheel.
  46. They don't start on other projects before finishing the one they are on.
  47. They workout so they feel energized, confident and healthy.
  48. They stay organized and know where everything is when they need it.
  49. They have a morning ritual that gets themselves in peak state to be productive.
  50. They use numbers and analytics to determine what works, instead of what they only think will work.


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Being productive isn't hard. Anyone can do it. It just takes discipline, the right mindset and consistency. With these 50 strategies, you can see HUGE boosts in amount of work you get done in a fraction of the time.


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      I use some of them and they help me to be better.

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