Have you ever heard Tony Robbins use the quote: “There's no abiding success without commitment”? Chances are, you probably have, but what does it mean?

Tony Robbins is known for changing people's lives, sometimes even just using simple quotes such as this one to illustrate what people should really focus on to create the life they want.

As an entrepreneur myself who has seen a lot of others fail, I think this quote really needs to be understood by a lot of people, especially new business owners. It can change everything.



“There's No Abiding Success Without Commitment” Meaning:

You cannot quit to succeed. Most people, when starting a business, underestimate how long they have to work towards their goals. It seems like in today's world, people are so impatient and expect immediate results with little effort.

They want some kind of push-button software that will magically create millions of dollars on autopilot or they want to take the elevator straight to the top instead of the stairs.

I hope you aren't one those people.

These people are the ones who will always fail to accomplish much of anything in life unless they change their thinking.

What Tony Robbins meant in this quote is that you have to commit for the long haul to do whatever it takes and overcome any challenge to reach a level of lasting success.

I see too many people quitting at the first sign of turbulence in their business. And then, they complain about the crappy job they end up with, blaming it on the economy, the world, anyone but themselves.

If you simply make a firm decision not to quit, take action towards your goals everyday and keep learning from your mistakes as well as others, you WILL succeed.

The only people that fail and never “make it” are usually just the quitters that didn't commit to the journey that is required to reach the summit.

Please don't be one of these people. Please don't give up on your dreams. Please don't be another quitter. We have too many of them already. If you need inspiration, watch me. Watch other successful people.

It's not what we say, it is what we do. You will never see me quit or give into the norm or settle for being average. I REFUSE to accept anything less than my dream and you should be the same way.


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I shared this quote with you to not only inspire you to keep going, but to help you realize that the best things in life come with a commitment. Whether they are relationships, successful businesses, or any other goals, quitting cannot be an option. PERIOD.

I'm sharing Tony Robbins' quote with you because I want more successful people in the world changing lives. You can make all the difference in the world and live a life you can never imagine if you just dare to commit to getting it.

If you are reading the end of this post, I believe in YOU. YOU are destined to accomplish some amazing things. Commit to something better. Don't quit. Don't settle for less. You'll thank me later.

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    2 replies to "“There’s No Abiding Success Without Commitment” – Tony Robbins"

    • Sunday

      Hi Justin,
      Thanks for the quote and inspiration! Indeed, there cannot be abiding success without commitment.

      Anthony Robbin’s quote re-emphasize the need for us to be willing and ready to pay the price for success.

      Every success has a price tag and we must be ready to do what it takes pay it!

      Yes, quitting is not an option if we are ready to commit to success!

      I left the above comment in kingged.com as well

      • Justin Bryant

        There really is no failure unless you quit in a lot of cases. I’m glad the post inspired you

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