Tony Robbins once said, “There are only two options: Make progress or make excuses.” This quote is exactly what you may need to hear if you have trouble with putting things off or procrastinating.

If you are struggling with motivating yourself to take action, think of it this way… What would a successful person like Tony Robbins, Mark Cuban or Richard Branson do?

If they were you, they wouldn't mess around and make excuses, because excuses don't make progress. And you know what no progress means, don't you?



It means you won't make any money or become any more successful. In other words, when you make excuses, you have no right to complain about having no improvements in your life.

Taking action now is what gets you closer and closer to your dreams. Taking action on what you know is just getting to work before trying to come up with the perfect plan, perfect timing or getting the perfect tools.

Why is it that some of the most successful billionaires in the world today didn't even finish school? In fact, Richard Branson didn't even finish high school.

This is because it isn't book smarts or what you know how to do that creates success, it is what you do with what you know. The experience and feedback you get from doing something is what helps you learn and create success.

Did we read a book on how to walk when we were infants? No. We learned by trying and correcting ourselves along the way. Did take a course on how to ride a bike?

No. We practiced, and eventually got it down through positive and negative feedback from more and more experience. This is what Tony Robbins tries to tell us with this quote.

There Are Only Two Options: Make Progress Or Make Excuses

He understands that the only reason we don't take action or make progress is because we make up excuses to stay in our comfort zone.

We constantly tell ourselves that we aren't ready yet, it's not the right time, we need more education, we are too busy, etc. None of this is true. These excuses are nothing but self-sabotage.

The most successful people of the world don't make excuses because they know excuses never pay off. They are mentally strong and know that if they control their thoughts, by not allowing excuses and only thinking about improvements that can be made, it will get them the results they want.

Instead of making excuses, the most successful people you probably look up to were getting up at 4:00 AM in the morning to do their blog posts, selling trash bags door to door to help pay for college, or working out of their parents' garage and borrowing money to start their business on a piece of crap computer.

Be persistent, be hungry for success, and make a little progress every single day. Imagine where you could be if you were consistent enough to do that for one year straight.

It's the small, consistent progressions you make everyday that get the results, not the big tasks that you do every once in a while.

Tony Robbins said it best:

“There are only two options: Make progress or make excuses”

Which will you do? Will you keep binge watching netflix TV shows, telling yourself you'll start taking action tomorrow? Or will you take a step forward, make progress and pursue your dreams?

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