If you are sick of applying for companies' talent pools where you may not be guaranteed a lot of work, here are some sites that are ACTIVELY hiring for no interview job listings:

1. Study.com – Web Content Writer

At Study.com you can make up to an estimated $32/hour with many different writing, sales, proofreading and other types of work from home jobs.

And according to Glassdoor reviews, you can get these contractor jobs without interviews.

They have listings with availability all over the world.

2. Omni Interactions – Customer Support

At Omni Interactions, you can earn up to $20/hour doing customer support via phone, email, and chat.

There is little, if not any experience at all required here.

Most of their listings are also in the US with a few other occassional countries at times.

3. Daily Transcription – Legal/Medical Transcription

Daily Transcrition is one of the only transcription sites I've seen that has actual job listings instead of just a regular talent pool.

They have lots of options too!

Also, they have different types of transcription, captioning, subtitling, and transcript editing.

According to Glassdoor reviews, you could earn up to around $30/hour.

4. Audio Bee/Gigsz

Audio Bee is a website that pulls in no interview contractor listings from other sites.

They actually redirect you to Gigsz now to find all the available freelance jobs.

You can also sort them by language, what site they're on, and more.

They especially have a lot of translator, data, and other jobs that you can get at sites like UpWork.

I estimate you might earn up to around $10-$25/hour with these jobs.

5. DataforceLinguist

At Dataforce, you can find random A.I. training jobs that can pay up to around $26/hour, according to reviews.

A.I. training jobs include things like data annotation, audio collection, etc.

6. AppenResponse Evaluator

At Appen, you can find more A.I. and search evaluation types of work from home jobs.

According to people on Glassdoor, there is a wide range of pay, but you could potentially earn up to $58/hour.

Many of these are part-time, contractor jobs that are somewhat similar to Dataforce.

7. Arise – Customer Support

Arise, kind of like Omni Interactions, has customer support (and some sales) work from home jobs that don't require an interview.

They actually have a lot more listings than Omni Interactions as well.

The pay is not a lot, but you could earn between $10 and $20/hour.

There TONS of jobs to choose from right now in different countries around the world.

8. LionbridgeInterpreter

At Lionbridge, you can get jobs like Interpreters where you get paid to provide interpretations for phone calls.

Over-the-Phone Interpreters for Lionbridge are responsible for handling calls on-demand to correctly identify and provide meaning in conversations between speakers of two different languages.

According to Glassdoor reviews, you can get paid up to $27/hour with these gigs.

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