Guess what!

One of the most popular services in the world, Spotify, is hiring for 250+ remote jobs worldwide in 2022!

Spotify, as you probably know, is a music and podcast streaming platform.

Here are the details:

Spotify Work-From-Home Jobs

Top categories with lots of openings:

  • Engineering – 155
  • Data, Research & Insights – 40
  • Product – 24
  • Design – 14
  • Support & Operations – 11


  • Extensive learning opportunities, through our dedicated team, GreenHouse.
  • Flexible share incentives letting you choose how you share in our success.
  • Global parental leave, six months off – fully paid – for all new parents.
  • All The Feels, our employee assistance program and self-care hub.
  • Flexible public holidays, swap days off according to your values and beliefs.
  • Spotify On Tour, join your colleagues on trips to industry festivals and events.


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