If you want a way to make money online via PayPal with no experience, phone calls or a degree needed, check this out:

It's the Transcriptionist gig at Scribie.

Here are the job details:

Transcriptionist at Scribie

What you'll do:

This is a pretty easy job.

All you do is listen to audio files and type out what is being said by whom into a word document.

You may also edit automated AI transcripts as they are generated.


  • Good English comprehension
  • Ability to interpret conversations
  • Ability to apply context and identify mistakes
  • No experience required
  • No degree required


  • PC and internet connection
  • Headphones/headset


This is a freelance gig, so don't expect traditional benefits that would come with a regular job.

But you can enjoy the following:

  • $5-$20 per audio hour
  • No obligations or commitments
  • Work when you want and set your own hours
  • Get paid via PayPal
  • Monthly bonus of $5 for every 3 hours completed


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