We all know how effective content marketing can be, right? It can get us huge traffic numbers and higher quality customers than paid advertising might.

The only problem is, it can take a very long time to create just one really high quality piece of content. And that's just one. Try doing that for 10 different content platforms. It would take forever!

This is why repurposing quality content into different styles has become so popular for marketers. You can take the same core points or purpose of a blog post and redistribute it as different forms of media.

You get more traffic, branding and reach more diverse groups of people that prefer different types of content styles.

Some people prefer videos. Others might prefer blog posts. Yet, they could both be interested in the same topics.

If you repurpose blog articles, you can reach your entire potential audience on their favorite mediums. On top of that, it saves you boatloads of time because you don't have to recreate a new topic for each media style.

Everybody wins! If this sounds like a solid plan to you, here are 10 ways to repurpose your blog post content:


1. Infographic

Turn your blog post into an infographic and you can bet that social media shares will come in bunches. Infographics are loved by just about everyone who follows social media and blogs.

Pinterest is especially geared for infographics, so I would definitely share them there.

To turn your blog post into an infographic, I recommend either hiring someone to do it for you on a site like Fiverr or doing it yourself using templates on Visme.


2. Social Media Posts

You can turn your blog post into social media posts using many different methods. You can turn one post into:

  • Images with text
  • Individual statistics
  • Individual points from the post
  • Summaries or mini-articles that you could post on Facebook or Google+

Sharing posts as a link is definitely not the only way to turn your blog content into some social media buzz.


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3. Slideshare Presentations

One form of content that many people tend to forget about is presentations. You can turn any article into a slideshow and post it on a site like Slideshare for extra traffic and branding.

Ana Hoffman is someone who has done very well with driving traffic and building her brand using presentations.


4. Podcast

It seems like everyone is creating a podcast these days. Why? Because it works! People seem to love being able to consume information while driving, working out or doing chores around the house.

Podcasts are very convenient and allow a whole new type of connection with brands. You can easily take a blog post and make a podcast episode out of it or even divide it up into many.

Not sure if podcasting is worth your time? Try asking Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas or Tim Ferriss if they think podcasting works. I'd say they're doing okay.


5. Video

Why not turn your blog post into a video? Videos have become a very popular way of consuming information over the last few years and they are still trending up.

In fact, 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video. If you're not making videos, you aren't going with the trends and could be losing 33% of your audience right off the bat. Not good!

Dr. James McQuivey estimates that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words. Click to Tweet

I don't know about you, but I'd much rather do a minute-long video than write a 1.8 million word blog post.

Here are some places you can post your videos:



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6. Quora

Why not get some extra traffic just by answering a few questions? With Quora, thousands of people go there to ask questions in every category you can think of.

You search keywords to find questions that relate to them and then use part of what you cover in your blog post to answer the question well, with a link to it at the end in case they want more information.

Hundred and even thousands of people regularly view a typical question, so they potential for a traffic boost is definitely there.


7. Books

Ever thought about writing a book? It can be intimidating, I know. But, I'm not saying you should write a 600 page novel. In fact, many short books are just as popular as longer ones.

Look at It Works or As A Man Thinketh. Both are less than 40 pages long. You rank them on Amazon and refer readers to your website at the end of the book.

If people like it, they will definitely want to learn more about you and go to your site.

But, instead of writing a book from scratch, you can take your most popular blog posts on the subject, reword them and format them into chapters of your book.

10 or 20 blog posts should do the trick.


8. Courses

You can not only make money off courses, but you can rank them on other websites as well. For instance, you can create a course out of the content you cover in a group of blog posts and post it on Udemy.

Udemy does a lot of sales and marketing for you just by having it on their site which happens to get huge amounts of traffic.

Brand yourself in the course and mention your website multiple times as a reference for people to get more information on the topic.

You can get courses to become popular through Clickbank and other affiliate companies as well.


9. Lead Magnets

No one seems to care too much about just giving you their contact information to be on your newsletter anymore. People want something in exchange for their email address these days.

This is where lead magnets come in. You offer your blog visitors a free ebook, course, list, case study or report in exchange for their email and you will see an uptick in subscriptions.

This leads to more sales and more blog traffic. You can easily turn a group of a few blog posts into these free resources without having to start from scratch.


10. Alternative Posts

Sometimes it's good to have an alternative version of a post with the same topic and information. You get a lot more traffic, backlinks and branding if you publish versions of the post on other sites that already get a lot of traffic.

Here are a few websites you might publish alternative versions:


If you play your cards right and can either make a few totally original versions of the same blog post information yourself or outsource the task to someone else, you could really build a huge reach.

You shouldn't just be posting on your own website. You should be leveraging traffic from other places that already have huge audiences as well.


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Publishing your blog post on your site doesn't mean you're done with that content. You should maximize the information you put out into the world to reach as many people as possible.

Don't risk missing out on potential traffic, sales and branding. Repurpose your blog content and make spread everywhere until you are known throughout your industry as an authority.

What are your favorite ways to repurpose blog content?


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