Update: It is now past the deadline to apply for this position.

Believe it or not, there is a company hiring for a position called the “Dating Show Dissector” to watch TV shows and get paid £100 ($134) per episode.

It's a new company called POM.

POM is a dating app based on people's shared music interest.

Here are the job details:

What you'll do:

You will watch dating TV shows like Too Hot to Handle, The Cabins, and Love Island.

They want you to take notes on what you think the contestants do right and wrong.

POM will also cover any costs for the subscriptions to the required streaming services like Netflix and NOW TV.

Also, you'll be working an average of about 7 hours per week for around 3 months or so.


There aren't really a lot of qualifications here, but they do want someone who not only loves dating shows for entertainment purposes, but also for the insight it gives you into human behavior.

You also need to be at least 18 years old to apply.

Good written English skills and a reliable internet connection are also required.

Also, make sure you try and apply before the end of January 28, 2022! So, Hurry!

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