Here are 8 part-time, no interview work from home jobs with no experience required paying $20-$41/hour!

1. 3Play Media – Voice Writer

While you can also do transcription work with 3Play Media, you can also do a new type of work called Voice Writing.

This is when you listen to a live stream and respeak what you hear the presenter saying into a caption-generating software.

These auto-created captions then show up on the screen during the live event so that people that are hearing-impaired or not able to listen to the audio can read along on the screen.

No experience is required.

3Play Media also pays an estimated $20-$30/hour to freelancers.

2. Telus International – Ads Evaluator

If you have good communication skills and use the internet daily, you can apply to be an Ads Evaluator at Telus International

Typically, with these jobs, you work part-time evaluating relevance of ads online.

You will have the flexibility and freedom to work from your own home, working your own hours.

To apply, you will need to pass an online book assessment.

3. Gengo – Translator

At Gengo, you can get paid up to $25/hour to translate if you are multilingual.

You can work from home in just about any country worldwide, make your own schedule and apply without an interview.

4. Sudshare

If you have a washer and dryer at home, you can get paid to work from home doing people's laundry for them.

At Sudshare, can earn up to $20 per hour and get paid within as little as 24 hours.

The only time you might have to leave your home is to possible pick up or deliver laundry.

But all of the washing, drying and everything else is done at home.

Their top people earn as much as $5000/month!

5. Omni Interactions

Omni Interactions is a work-from-home gig community.

Here, you can earn up to $20/hour as a customer support rep.

What's nice about being a customer support rep here, though, is you get to choose when and how often you work.

On top of that, they don't require experience, an interview or a degree to apply.

6. Preply

With a site like Preply, you could get paid to tutor people of all ages in over 100 different subjects.

You're not just limited to a language like many sites.

You also get to work when you want, set your own pay rate, and get started without any certifications or prior experience.

7. NexRep

NexRep is a virtual, on-demand contact center.

Here, you can work as an independent contractor doing customer support, inbound or outbound sales.

Because you're an independent contractor working from home, you get the freedom to make your own schedule.

You will work as an independent contractor and can be hired without experience or a degree.

You can make $15-$25+/hour here.

8. Telus International – Data Analyst

This job aims to enhance the content and quality of digital maps used by millions of users worldwide.

This role requires individuals who are detail-oriented, enjoy conducting research, and possess a strong knowledge of national and local geography.

As a freelancer, you will have the flexibility to work on your own schedule whenever tasks are available. Your responsibilities will include conducting research and evaluation tasks within a web-based environment.

This involves verifying and comparing data, assessing the relevance and accuracy of information, and adhering to provided guidelines for each task.

The project offers a diverse range of tasks, and you will be compensated per task completed.


  • Full Professional Proficiency in English
  • Residing in the United States of America for the past two consecutive years
  • Ability to follow guidelines and conduct online research using search engines, online maps, and website information
  • Familiarity with current and historical business, media, sports, news, social media, and cultural affairs in the USA
  • Willingness to work on various task types, such as Maps, News, Audio tasks, and Relevance
  • Applicants must be 18 years or older.

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