Here's how to get paid to write reviews online at up to $100 each.

Let me know what you think, ask me a question, or suggest something I cover in the future in the comments below!

Slice The Pie

At Slice the Pie, you get paid to review songs and fashion as well as refer new members.

You need $10 in your account before you can cash out via PayPal.

Referral code: U462C13E

Software Judge

If you want to get paid to review software, try Software Judge.

They pay around $50 per software review that is detailed and honest.


Want to make $100 per “Top 10” list post that you write? At Listverse you can get paid via PayPal to write “Top 10” posts in all sorts of categories.


At Kirkus, you can get paid around $50 each for 350 word book reviews.

Online Book Club

At Online Book Club, you can make $5-$60 per book review and you don't even need much experience.

US Review of Books

Although they don't specify exactly how much they pay per review, US Review of Books pays you to write 250-300 word books reviews.

The books are assigned to you and the review will usually be due within 2-3 weeks.

Publishers Weekly

At Publishers Weekly, you can get paid around $25 per book review if you get a job as a reviewer.

Check their jobs page frequently and apply ASAP because these gigs seem to go pretty fast.

Women's Review of Books

At Women's Review of Books, you can get paid $100 per book review if you have experience.


Want to get paid to publish product reviews or sponsored posts on your own blog instead of someone else's?

At Blogsvertise, you can get paid via PayPal to connect with brands and make deals to earn revenue from affiliate links, referrals, clicks, ads, etc.


At G2, you can earn $10-$25 per business software review that you get published. Payment is usually via Amazon or Starbucks gift cards.

To make an account with G2, you will be required to provide a screenshot that proves you use the business software or app you're reviewing.

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How to Get paid to write reviews online (up to $100 each)

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    • Sharon Johnson

      Hi Justin, my name is Sharon, I’ve been following you for a while, and it seems all the site are not for me. I live in NJ, I am young grandmother whose trying to build an online business but also very family oriented. I feel like I’ll never find a LEGIT way
      GOD Bless.

      • Justin Bryant

        Hi Sharon, I believe the best thing you can do is find a business that allows you to leverage your strengths. Think about what you like doing, what you’re good at, what your personality type is and maybe go for something that checks those boxes. I hope that helps!

    • lillian

      hi justin my name is lillian i have no experence , in all these area… really need a job in the hotel housekeeping over seas can you help please send information

    • Antoine

      How do i become a review writer

    • Lucy

      This is an awesome list of things to do from home. I just wanted to add a little bit more to the blog idea you shared. You can carry that a step further and get a website, buy a domain name, and then put all of the sites you freelance for that have referred codes that will pay you anytime someone clicks on your link through whatever money making idea that you are sharing. Just don’t forget to state openly and honestly that you will be benefiting from their going through your page.

    • Harisson

      Great article

    • ZAZA

      Ok how do we make money

    • Okon Joseph

      Thanks for sharing. I tried Listverse but I am yet to hear from them. Maybe they didn’t approve my post. I will not give up but try others that you have shared. Thanks

    • Adil Khan

      Hi Justin, I am Adil from India and 19 years old. As a college student in India, we didn’t have any source to earn. We cant work on some shop for some income. I request you to make a video or write a blog on this topic. If you need further details on these things, then you can mail me. Please do something.

    • Osego Cyril Mosweu

      Thanks for all this info, it was an eye opener for me during lockdown.

    • Nathan

      Thanks for this


      Thanks Man, great job but You failed to tell us where this things works and where they don’t (countries)

    • Sarah

      There are 2 broken links on here as they no longer exist Slice The Pie and Blogsvertise (the link you have in the article isn’t there anymore) abd Women’s Reviews of Books links to Wellesley Women’s Center

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