Have you ever tried increasing your pinterest followers by following people who are interested in your niche, only to get a massive amount of people who don't follow back?

When you start out trying to increase your Pinterest followers, following people and getting follow backs can help a lot. The problem is that there is not tool, software or app that is built to help you manage pinterest followers.

They have them for Instagram, Twitter, and even Google+, but not for Pinterest. Sure, there are a couple of softwares or apps out there, but either they don't work at all or they have too many bugs to work fast and efficiently.



So what do you do? How do you manage your Pinterest followers and unfollow people who don't follow back? How do you sort through and know who followed you and who didn't?
This video will show you exactly what you need to know to get by until someone creates a tool that actually works for Pinterest:

manage pinterest followers unfollow people who don't follow back


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How To Manage Pinterest Followers

1. First off, to manage your pinterest followers, you will need either Microsoft Office Excel or Google Docs. If you don't have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, I recommend just signing up to use Google Docs for free.

2. After you've picked one, open up a new spreadsheet and give it a title (like Pinterest Followers).

3. Next go to your Pinterest account, click on your profile and then click on “followers”.

4. Now that you see a list of your followers, highlight every single name on the page, then right click and select “copy“.

5. Click on the first row, first space in your spreadsheet and then paste the list.

6. Now, you need to go to “edit“, then “find and replace” and enter in each number, symbol or punctuation, one at a time, and don't put anything in the “replace” space.

When you do this, each of those characters will be deleted from the list and will help you clean it up until there are only names.


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7. After you have nothing but a row of names from your Pinterest followers, go back to your Pinterest profile and click “following“.

8. Now that you see a list of people you are following on Pinterest, copy them all just like you did with the other list and paste them in a different column of your spreadsheet.

9. Do the same thing you did before to find and replace unwanted characters in the list and then you should be looking at just the names of your followers in one column and the names of who you are following in the other.

10. Next highlight the “followers” column, go to “data” and click “sort sheet by column A, A –> Z“. Do the same thing for the other column so you can clearly see both in alphabetical order.

11. Now, you can go through and compare who followed back and who didn't by looking at the names in the “following” column and seeing if the same names are in the “follower” column.

Of course, to actually unfollow them, you have to go back to Pinterest.com and find the person to unfollow.

12. You can then create a third column and add the names of the people who you unfollow to keep track of in the future if you want to keep from following the same person multiple times while trying to grow your following on Pinterest.

And there you have it. That is how you can manage Pinterest followers and unfollow people who don't follow back, at least until a decent software is created that does this or until you don't need to use the “following people strategy” anymore.

Eventually, if you keep posting high-quality content, you won't need to worry about manually trying to grow your Pinterest following because you will naturally be getting new followers everyday.


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Don't be one of those people who is following 10,000 Pinterest users and only has 200 followers. It doesn't look good for your brand.

Make sure you consistently manage Pinterest followers, so you aren't connected with a bunch of people not interested in your brand. Until a decent software is finally made for this purpose, unfollow people who don't follow back by using my spreadsheet method.


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    6 replies to "Manage Pinterest Followers – Unfollow People Who Don’t Follow Back"

    • Dirk

      Hi, do you know a marketing tool that i can automatic follow and unfollow pinterest members? In Twitter there are many top tools with this functions.

      • Justin Bryant

        Hi Dirk, as far as I know there still aren’t any decent options for this function available. The best one I’ve seen is called Voodoo Pinner. You might try that out if it is still available, but it wasn’t of very high quality last time I tried it.

      • Xscape

        MassPlanner claims to work that way, but it only follows a lot of people and does not unfollow who is not following back. I complained to them about the software, but no reaction, so I would not recommend MassPlanner for Pinterest. Because of MassPlanner my ratio is currently very bad.

    • Precious weathers

      This is a great article. It was very helpful to me. Thanks a lot. It will take some time. But your method will help a lot of people.

    • Bec

      Pinterest seems to have caught onto this. They’re displaying round pictures of people and when you copy, that’s what copies. not names. Very inconsiderate. Pinterest also has a follow limit it seems. I reached it. Also very inconsiderate as I didn’t find any documentation that warned me of this before I followed lots of people and boards in my niche.

    • Sweeti Angel

      Hello sir,
      Information provided by you are good but It will be more useful if you have any extension related to follow and unfollow people on Pinterest.

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