Here are some (somewhat) fun work from home jobs where you can get paid to watch videos:

NFL Lead job at Underdog Fantasy

At Underdog Fantasy, a fantasy sports company, you can sometimes find remote jobs that pay you to watch NFL football and keep up with news.

There is a job called an NFL Lead that lets you do this.

The company says this job pays up to $85k/year!

Userlytics Video Testing

Userlytics is a company known for paying people to test websites, but they also let you user-test videos, ads, and apps as well.

The amount you get paid per test can vary greatly.

Translation & Annotation at Lionbridge

With annotation-related jobs at Lionbridge, you will watch  videos in your native language, translate them into English, and insert your comments/annotations in your translation to flag any potential slang, abusive or hateful content present in the video.

Voice Writer at 3Play Media

With this job, you can get paid to watchlive streams and repeat what the speaker is saying into a software that automatically creates captions in real time.

Content Reviewer at Gaggle

At Gaggle, you can get paid to be a Content Reviewer that will look at content being posted by students in order to make sure they are safe and not showing signs of abuse at home, drug use, bullying, etc.

Transcriptionist a Daily Transcription

At Daily Transcription, you can find lots of freelance transcriptionist jobs where you get paid to watch videos and type what is being said while labeling the speakers.

Captioner/Subtitler at Rev

At Rev, they have Captioning jobs where you can get paid to watch videos and make sure subtitles pop up on the scren as they are being spoken.

As a Subtitler, you would do the same thing except also translate them into another language.

Ads Reviewer at Telus International

At Telus Internetional, you can watch and review ads in search engines as an Ads Reviewer.

Internet Safety Evaluator at Telus International

Another video watching remote job at Telus International is the Internet Safety Evaluator where you get paid to make sure that search results including text, images, and videos are safe for the general public and don't contain things like adult content.

Video Editor at Welocalize

At Welocalize, you can find jobs like the Video Editor where you get to watch and edit social media videos as a freelancer.

Social Media Evaluator at Appen

With Appen, you can get paid to be a Social Media Evaluator that observes posts on social media to make sure that the information in them is credible and not being falsely advertised.

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