1. Homework Market


Homework Market is a platform where students post academic questions or assignments, and tutors or experts can provide answers or assistance in exchange for payment.

Tutors should have expertise in the subjects they want to tutor in.

There may be varying levels of qualifications required depending on the complexity of the questions.

2. 24 Hour Answers


24 Hour Answers is a platform where students or individuals can get help with their homework or academic questions.

Experts provide detailed solutions or explanations in exchange for payment.

Experts are typically required to have strong subject knowledge and the ability to provide clear and concise explanations.

Advanced degrees or teaching experience can be beneficial.

3. Fixya

$3-$5 per Question

Fixya is a platform where experts provide solutions to problems related to electronics, appliances, and various products.

Users pay for access to expert advice.

Experts should have knowledge of the products they support and be able to provide troubleshooting and repair guidance.

4. Presto Experts

Up to $31/Hour

Presto Experts connects individuals seeking advice with experts in various fields, such as counseling, coaching, tutoring, and more.

Experts offer their services, and users pay for consultations.

Qualifications vary widely based on expertise.

For example, counselors should be licensed, while tutors should have subject knowledge and teaching skills.

5. Studypool

Up to $40/Question

Studypool is a platform where students post academic questions or assignments.

Tutors bid on questions and provide answers in exchange for payment.

Tutors should have expertise in their chosen subjects and be able to offer explanations and solutions that help students learn.

6. JustAnswer

$5-$20+ per question (up to $120/hour for 10 min per question, $20/question)

JustAnswer connects users with experts across multiple categories, including legal, medical, tech, and more.

Users pay for answers or advice.

Experts should have relevant qualifications or expertise in their respective fields.

For example, medical doctors, lawyers, and certified technicians can provide advice.

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