In this video, you will learn how to make $100k per month from a blog in 2017.

I will show you what Smart Blogger does to achieve this and what they recommend that you do to be successful blogging.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Here are the top strategies Smart Blogger uses to make 6 figures monthly from a blog:



1. Start with affiliate marketing or services, not ads

According to Smart Blogger, affiliate marketing or offering services can pay off a lot better early on as opposed to Adsense or another ad platform.

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2. Make the high-end products first

Most bloggers start out making cheap products like ebooks, but you may be better off starting with high-end products worth hundreds of dollars or more.

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3. Big value = big prices = big profits

The main thing you need to do is charge enough for what your product is worth and then over-deliver on the value.



4. Use webinars to convert people to customers

You may see invites all the time to webinars from different companies. Well, apparently they work really well when it comes to converting prospects into customers.

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5. Automate all email marketing when you’re making good money

With the email marketing tools available and your limited amount of time to work on the most important parts of your business, you need to automate what you can.

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6. The whole point is to build your email list

Your email list is the most valuable part of your business, because no one can take that from you no matter how many updates Google, YouTube, and other big companies make to the internet.

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7. Start selling even before you have a following

Don't wait until you have one million visitors per month before you make a product to sell. If you do that, you will leave a lot of potential money on the table.

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8. Blogging is a viable business and you should share what you learn

As you can tell, blogging is a legitimate business option and there are many people who would greatly appreciate your tips that could help them succeed. This will help grow your brand and good will with your fans.




Blogging used to be seen as something for nerds or people who just didn't have anything better to do. Now, it is a huge business opportunity that covers every industry you can imagine.

Take advantage of it, stick with it, and you may get to $100k per month with your blog like Smart Blogger did.

    5 replies to "How to Make $100k Per Month From a Blog in 2017"

    • Leroy

      Thank you Justin for all these wonderful advice, keep up the good work see you soon on the rich side

    • Rancis Migici

      Great advice Justin.
      Thanks for sharing.
      I’m a great fan

    • John Nash

      Hi Justin, I read your articles on how to 100k a month and starting a blog and I notice you said make a high end product. To tell you the truth I do know how to make a product. So can you give me some pointers. Also I was saving my money so I can hire some people from fiverr to make me a wordpress website and hire some social media marketers to promote the blog but I am going to write my own blog post. The blog post that I want to write about is inspirational topics, philosophical quotes and write some poems. Any tips on how I can properly get started as a person who has no clue on how to even begin. I know you have to make a article and add affiliate marketing to your post. That’s about it. So can give me a comprehensive step by step guide. Thanks.

    • Jack

      Hello Justin, great post, but I have just one question.
      I’ve seen on your other posts that you use graphs a lot.
      Do you make them yourself or there is a site where you can download them?

      • Justin Bryant

        I prefer to make them myself if I can, but sometimes I’ll use one someone else created as an example and give them credit. To create them yourself you can use templates at sites like Canva or Visme. If you use graphs created by others, I recommend attributing them at the bottom of it and linking to the source.

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