Wouldn't it be nice to get more out of your blog post or other content? What if you could multiply your traffic by 6x by repurposing content you already made?

This is how big time content marketing experts do things. Different people like to take in information differently using different mediums.

So, why not cater to everyone by publishing the same content in all the different mediums, so you can maximize your audience?

I think a lightbulb just went off in your head. It makes perfect sense doesn't it?



6 Brilliant Ideas For Repurposing Content:

1. Videos

So let's say you wrote a great 1500 word article and have already shared it with the world to help get your business some traffic… That's great, but people these days are getting less and less interested in reading and more and more interested in watching videos.

As the wise man once said, “Why read a book when you can watch the movie?” At least, that is how a lot of people feel these days.

Just look at the popularity of Youtube, Vine, the integration of video into Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, as well as the fact that Twitter recently bought a live video platform called Periscope.

The trends don't lie. Videos are VERY popular these days. So, I recommend you turn your blog posts, articles and other great content into videos to take advantage of this latest trend.

You could even turn the blog post into multiple videos if it has a lot of great, in-depth information in it because long videos don't do as well as short ones.

Unfortunately, people these days have the attention spans of a gnat, so plan accordingly and keep your videos around 5 minutes each.

After you've repurposed your content into a video, upload it to Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. to maximize its visibility.

This will get you a lot more branding and traffic for your business.


2. Infographics

They say a picture is worth a thousands words. Of course, that was before infographics were invented, which are probably worth 100x that with how much information you can fit in them.

If you didn't already know, infographics are like entire blog posts that have been put into one image. They have words in them, but it is the visuals that make them catch peoples' eyes and help them learn the information.

Usually, infographics are created from list posts that have a compilation of facts, statistics, strategies, etc. For an example, I used an infographic in this post.

To turn a piece of content into an infographic yourself, you can use sites like Infogr.am, Piktochart, or Visual.ly.

To have a professional one done for you (I recommend this option), use 99 Designs, or Fiverr to outsource putting the content into infographic form.

Having the infographic created for you is just much faster and will look much better (unless you are a natural graphic designer).

99 Designs will be more expensive and have more choices and Fiverr will be cheaper at around $5 per infographic.

Once your content is repurposed into an infographic, I recommend you share it on Pinterest, Instagram, your blog, Tumblr, etc. to get the most visuals. Also, a great perk for repurposing content into infographics is they get a lot more social media shares than most content.

So, what smart marketers do is place these infographics on their blog and create an embed code under it for people to copy and paste the infographic on their sites.

Then, you publish the post and pitch the infographic to other related blogs, so they can use it in exchange for a backlink.

This is one of the best ways to get backlinks for your blog, so take advantage of it.


3. Articles

Turning your content into an article is just another great way of repurposing your content to get the most traffic.

Even if your content is already in written form, a great way to make sure that it gets to the top of Google search results is to rewrite it and post it on other publishing sites.

I know, I know, you probably don't want to rewrite the entire blog post you already spent a long time writing, but it can be well worth it.

You could even just summarize the post, do a teaser of it, with a link at the end to continue reading, or just copy the whole thing and paste it on another site.

If you just copy and paste it though, Google will usually pick one or the other to rank and get rid of the other one from search results. That isn't what you want.

You are repurposing the blog post to be able to rank for the same keywords with multiple articles on multiple websites, using the same basic information in every article.

If all goes well and you put some good effort into this, you may even take up multiple spots on the first page of search results for your keywords and dominate the competition by taking most of the traffic.

Once you've repurposed your content into an article you would like to share on other sites, you can publish it on Medium, Linkedin Publishing, Quora, Business 2 Community, etc.



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4. Audio

Another trend in the content marketing world is the rising popularity of audios. A great way to repurpose content is to take a blog post, video, etc. and just talk about the information and publish the audio version.

This is especially effective when you use interviews like John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire does or Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

Whether you create an entire Podcast show or you just take video files and convert them into audio MP3's, people are starting to really love audio content.

They can listen to it while driving, working out, and just going through their daily lives without having to actually sit down and watch something or read.

Once you repurpose your content into an audio file, you can embed it in your blog posts, make a podcast with Apple, share it on Podomatic, Podbean, Digital Podcast, Soundcloud, etc.

This can dramatically grow your audience and brand awareness, so I definitely recommend you repurpose your content into audios.


5. Presentations

Repurposing content into presentations or powerpoints is still a new concept to a lot of people. But, guess what? It works.

Just look at the following that Ana Hoffman from Traffic Generation Cafe has created using Slideshare. She repurposes her blog posts into powerpoints every few weeks, adds some pictures and uploads it to Slideshare, getting her more followers, traffic and leads.

Converting blog posts into powerpoints is actually very easy because usually you use subheadings throughout your posts anyway. All you have to do is open up Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides (from Google Docs), create slides and use the subheadings as the topics for each slide.

Then, add pictures, arrows, words, etc. to make the presentation really stand out. Save it as a Powerpoint (.ppt) file and you're ready to go. Also, make sure you have some link or clickable picture at the end to allow people to click and opt in to become leads.

Once your content is fully repurposed into powerpoint form, upload the file to Slideshare, Docstoc, Scribd, Issuu, etc. to get it in front of as many people as possible.

Presentations are extremely easy to produce when you are just repurposing content because a lot of times you will have blog posts already categorized or powerpoints from videos and webinars to use.

Because of how easy it is and how much extra traffic you can get, there is no reason not to leverage presentations in your content marketing.


6. Social Media Posts

Obviously social media has really taken off since around 2005 or so and it is now dominating peoples' lives. Whether you like social media or not, you should be leveraging it for branding and traffic purposes.

There is no easier way to make content go viral than through social media. Another great thing about it is the fact that it supports so many different types of content mediums.

Look at Facebook for instance. You can upload videos, upload photos, write quotes, write long statuses, hold contests, create events, etc.

What you can do is take little quotes, interesting statistics, facts, summaries, etc. from your content and create social media statuses out of them.

And because these social sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. don't want users to leave their website, they have created ways for you to advertise your business and collect leads without the users ever leaving the site.

In other words, social media is becoming even more marketing-friendly than ever. There is no reason you shouldn't start repurposing some content and posting it on these sites.

If you test, tweak and stick with it, you can create floods of traffic and leads for your business because of the hundreds of millions of users (over a billion for Facebook) that use these platforms.

Once you have created some status updates, images, etc. to post to social media, share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, etc.

As long as you keep posting cool stuff that people are interested in, you'll keep growing your audience and making more money for your business.


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Repurposing content is one of the best ways to maximize your work that you put into creating it. One piece of content can do well on one medium, but the different people prefer different ways of taking in information.

If you want to really explode your traffic and help more people in different ways, repurpose your content and watch your brand go viral.


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