Maybe you're a great writer and think you have the best blog on the internet, but don't know how to get more blog views. That's where on page SEO comes in.

Obviously you need great content to build a loyal audience, but you also need to tweak certain things in the writing to get you a lot of viewers.

How To Get More Blog Views With Header Tags

Header Tags are different headers you use for organizing the different paragraphs or sections of your post. The ones you need to use are H1, H2, and H3 with your primary keyword phrase being in them. They organize your content better in your blog post by breaking it down into sections.



Meta Tags

A great place to get search tags that is so obvious, but not known to many marketers is at the bottom of the search results of your keyword in Google. So go to the Google search engine and type in your keyword. Then, go down to the very bottom where it says, “related searches,” and use those 8 searches as well as  your actual keyword phrase itself and you have about 10 really good meta tags for your post already.

Keyword Research

In my last post I talked a lot about how to research keywords to use for your blog post and gave many strategies for doing so. You can use certain tools, search tactics, and Google Adwords to really do well with your keyword research. But, you have to know what to look for. For keyword research mastery, read more here.

Internal Linking

You need to always have some links in your blog post to keep the flow going for viewers to stay on your site and eventually become loyal followers. To do that, link to internal pages on your website or blog to lead readers to other posts you have done. But, make sure they are related and flow in your content. Don't have a post about marketing and have an internal link to a post about dogs.

Use Keyword Variations

Google has had so many updates to reduce spamming and reward quality content these days that you have to go by what is natural and works by their guidelines if you want to be on page 1. Instead of spamming the heck out of your one keyword phrase and having a high keyword density, you need to focus more on synonyms, related keywords, etc. in your content.

Pictures And Videos

Have a featured image of some kind of image in your posts, not just for visual purposes to capture the viewer's attention, but to help with your search engine optimization as well. Have the Title and Alt Text as your specific keyword phrase you hope to rank for. Videos should also be done by you and have the keyword in the title and video description.

Outbound Links

Link to other outside websites because Google will reward you for it. Link to highly trusted sites especially like .edu sites, wiki, etc. I would just do a couple of these per post.


Obviously the title of your entire post is key to your ranking. Have the target keyword phrase in your title (preferably in the first words of the title). Make sure the title is not too long and still captures attention, making readers have to click on it.

Meta Description

Make sure the meta description of your post clearly tells what the post is about to help attract more viewers that are looking for that specific information and it will also help the search engines understand what it is about, so it can rank it accordingly.

Page Speed

Make sure you also have very good page speed for your website and posts. Load time can be the difference maker for your rank, as well as how many people decide to view it. Statistics show that people are not patient and will not wait more than 5 or 6 seconds for your page to load. Really, it should take no longer than 3 seconds. Use Google Analytics to help you know your page speed.

Closing Thoughts On Getting More Blog Views

Use Google Analytics to track your blog's progress. It will tell you how much traffic you are getting, as well as things like page speed and even conversions. Plus, the whole thing is free! You can use this post as sort of a checklist for your blog, so that you don't leave anything out when trying to rank in search engines.

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