Here are some of the best strategies different YouTubers will use to get more comments on their videos:

1. Make an Error on Purpose

Intentionally making a minor error in your video can prompt viewers to point it out in the comments.

For instance, you might say one number while displaying a different one on the screen.

While this tactic might sound unconventional, it's proven to be effective in generating comments.

However, it's essential to ensure that the data being shared isn't critically important.

2. Change Your Video Setting

If you typically film your videos in the same location, consider switching it up.

Filming in a new environment can pique viewers' curiosity, leading them to comment on the change.

This tactic can be especially effective if the new setting is visually interesting or different from your usual backdrop.

3. Mispronounce Words

Pronouncing words differently or “incorrectly” can lead to viewers correcting you in the comments.

While this might happen unintentionally for some, it can be used as a strategy to drive engagement.

4. Shout-Out Videos

Creating videos where you give shout-outs to specific viewers can lead to a surge in comments.

Many viewers will request shout-outs for themselves, driving up the comment count.

However, Nick warns that this approach can sometimes lead to a “toxic” comment section, so creators should proceed with caution.

5. Ask Direct Questions

One of the most effective ways to generate comments is by asking viewers direct questions.

Instead of making a general request for comments, pose a specific question that viewers can easily answer.

This approach removes the burden of coming up with a comment from scratch and can lead to more meaningful engagement.

6. Ask Your Audience

A simple yet often overlooked strategy is directly asking viewers to comment.

Including a call-to-action in every video can significantly boost engagement.

For a more targeted approach, pose a specific question that viewers can easily answer.

7. Highlight Comments

Showcasing viewer comments in videos can motivate others to engage.

Whether it's reading comments out loud or displaying them on screen, this strategy acknowledges viewers and emphasizes the importance of their feedback.

8. Engage with Comments

Responding to comments fosters a culture of engagement.

Especially for new channels, replying to every comment can make viewers feel valued and heard.

9. Leverage Other Social Media Platforms

Use platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to direct followers to YouTube videos and encourage them to comment.

Snapchat, in particular, is effective for immediate call-to-actions due to its real-time nature.

10. Showcase Comments in Videos

Incorporating comments into video content, either verbally or visually, assures viewers that their feedback matters.

This strategy can create a culture of commenting, where viewers feel their input is valued.

11. Have a Contest or Giveaway

Some YouTubers run contests to get more comments by having people comment on videos to enter a contest of some sort.

You could give away a gift card, merch related to your channel, an iPad, etc. and pick the winner based on engagement in the comments.

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