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Surveys at Find Focus Groups

Survey 1: Online Study About Food Choices

Who: Adults, 18+ years

Location: Online via webcam

Incentive: $125

Duration: 90 minutes

Date(s): September 9-27, 2022

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Survey 2: Credit Card Rewards Study

ho: Adults, 25+

Location: From the comfort of your home

Incentive: $175-225 (Paid by check)

Duration: 2.25hr virtual group

Date(s):  August 30th-September 1st, 2022

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Survey 3: Grocery Snacks Focus Group

Who: Adults, 18+

Location: Online via Zoom

Incentives: $125

Duration: 60-minutes webcam focus group

Date(s): August 23, 2022

This survey is to see if you qualify for an upcoming study.

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