Here are some jobs and side hustles you can do with no interview or resume with Amazon.


One great way to make money as a Microtasker is with Amazon Mechanical Turk.

  • What is it: Amazon Mechanical Turk, or MTurk, is a crowdsourcing platform that connects businesses and individuals (known as Requesters) with a global workforce (Workers) to perform tasks that are difficult for computers but relatively easy for humans.
  • How to Earn Money: Workers can browse available tasks or “Human Intelligence Tasks” (HITs) and choose the ones they want to complete. These tasks can include data entry, content moderation, image tagging, surveys, and more.
  • Payment: The payment for each HIT varies widely, from a few cents to several dollars, depending on the complexity and time required. Earnings accumulate in your MTurk account and can be transferred to your Amazon Payments account or redeemed as Amazon gift cards.


If you feel like you have a good speaking voice, you can get paid to narrate books with Amazon's ACX.

According to Glassdoor, people have made as much as $49/hour with this gig!

  • What is it: ACX is a platform by Amazon that connects audiobook producers (narrators and producers) with authors and publishers to create and distribute audiobooks.
  • How to Earn Money: There are two primary ways to earn money on ACX:
    • Royalties: Authors and publishers can choose to share royalties with narrators and producers. You earn a portion of the royalties for each sale of the audiobook.
    • Per Finished Hour (PFH): Some projects offer a flat rate per finished hour of the audiobook. The PFH rate varies depending on the project's budget and complexity.
  • Payment: Payments are made through ACX, and you can choose to receive royalties via direct deposit or check.

Amazon Associates

If you want to go more of the entrepreneurial route, you can make good money as an affiliate marketer with Amazon Associates.

As an affiliate, you would get paid commissions to market Amazon products on social media, YouTube, a blog, or just about anywhere else.

  • What is it: Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program that allows individuals to earn commissions by promoting and selling Amazon products through personalized affiliate links.
  • How to Earn Money:
    • Sign up for the Amazon Associates program.
    • Create affiliate links for Amazon products you want to promote.
    • Share these links on your website, blog, social media, or other platforms.
    • Earn commissions when people make purchases through your affiliate links.
  • Payment: Commissions are typically paid via direct deposit or Amazon gift cards, depending on your location and the payment options available.

Amazon Flex

If you don't mind getting out of the house, you can get paid up to $25/hour with Amazon Flex to deliver packages to people's doorsteps.

  • What is it: Amazon Flex is a program that allows individuals to work as independent contractors delivering Amazon packages using their own vehicles.
  • How to Earn Money:
    • Sign up for Amazon Flex and select delivery blocks in your area.
    • Pick up packages from Amazon delivery stations.
    • Deliver packages to customers' addresses within your assigned time block.
    • Earn a predetermined rate per delivery block, plus tips from customers.
  • Payment: Payments are made weekly, and you can receive your earnings via direct deposit.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

With Amazon KDP, you can earn up to 70% royalties on all your book sales through Amazon without needing a publisher to help you.

  • What it is: KDP enables users to publish both eBooks and paperbacks. The eBooks are sold through the Kindle Store, accessible on Kindle devices and apps, while paperbacks are printed on demand.
  • How to Earn Money:
    • Choose your niche
    • Create a book
    • Design a cover
    • Publish on KDP
    • Start earning royalties
  • Payment: Authors earn money through royalties from each sale. The amount depends on factors like the book's price, the country it's sold in, and whether it's an eBook or paperback.

Amazon Hourly & Shift Jobs

Amazon has a separate job section for people who want to find easy jobs with no experience required.

Here, you can find jobs where you can have a lot more flexibility to choose what shifts you work.

You can also, from what I can tell, get hired much faster and easier without a typical interview process.

Pay seems to be up to around $20/hour and they mostly involve working in fulfillment centers, warehouses, etc.

What's nice is you can get benefits and training to work your way up from these jobs as well!

Check out the Amazon shift jobs here.

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