Have you ever thought about the way you think of your relationships, business, appearance, etc.? People tend to notice what is missing, before noticing what is there in front of them.

In other words, most people are always looking for the missing piece of the puzzle. Why not focus on what parts of the puzzle are already there by practicing abundance thinking?



The Puzzle Analogy of Abundance

Let's say I were to hold up a picture of a puzzle that was put together forming a beautiful picture of the beach. Lets also say I decided to take one puzzle piece right out of the middle of the puzzle. If I were to ask you what you saw when I showed you this puzzle now, you would probably say that you see a puzzle of a beach with a missing piece.

So, instead of noticing the beautiful scenery in the puzzle, you be focused on that one missing piece, even though the other pieces were all there. This is the same way of thinking that can ruin relationships, businesses, and all parts of your life because if you always search for that one missing piece, you will never find it. Nothing is perfect, therefore you must focus on abundance thinking.

The Law Of Dominant Thought

The Law of Dominant Thought says what your mind is focusing on expands. If you focus on the missing piece it will consume you into thinking negatively, instead of actually seeing the positive qualities that are right in front of you. Instead of having appreciation or gratitude for the scenery in the puzzle, you negatively focused on the one thing missing.

This kind of thought process can consume you. If you focus on what is missing, all you will get is more that is missing. But, if you practiced abundance thinking, imagine what kind of impact it could have on your life with your business, relationships, and life. You would enjoy more things, appreciate life more, and be in a positive mood which will attract others to you as well.


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How It Can Affect Your Business

Lets say you start an online business with an affiliate company to market their products. You decide, you want to try a new marketing strategy through PPC ads. You do some research and training to make sure you have a good idea of what to do and then you run a small ad. Let's say the conversions were decent and you got one sale.

There are two ways you can look at that…the abundance way or the missing piece way. If you looked at it as a missing piece, you would probably be frustrated that your conversions were't as good as you thought, your return wasn't what you wanted and you may even decide to never do it again.

The abundance way of thinking would allow you to see that your results were actually positive because of the sale from a small ad, but you also learned that structuring it in that way would get you the results you got. So, you could maybe tweak it a little and do even better than before and get more sales. With this way, you see the positives and the potential that's there.

How It Can Affect Relationships

What if you met a girl or a guy that you really liked. They seem to have everything you're looking for, but you find one habit that they have that could be something you aren't used to. If you think in a negative sense like something is missing, you would be focused on that one habit and it would amplify into you making it a problem in the relationship.

If you think abundantly, you'll see that they have everything else you're looking for and one unusual habit is not going to stop you from being grateful that you have that person in your life. It can literally make or break your relationship and determine your happiness based on the way you look at things.

Conclusion Of Abundance Thinking

There are two ways to look at everything…like there is something missing or abundantly thinking of the great things that are there. One will make you depressed and unhappy all the time. One will set you free by allowing you to enjoy the best things in life and always be positive. Happy people are proven to live longer. You can be your own worst enemy or your own best ally.

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