Did you know there are YouTube channels out there that make $100 per day or more just by posting Reddit content in video format?

It's actually a genius and simple strategy to build an online business.

I'll show you how this works by breaking down a few examples…

Two great examples:

Sir Reddit is a YouTube channel that has been rising in popularity with over 200,000 subscribers.

What makes this channel unique is the fact that it repurposes Reddit content for its videos and then narrates it using a computer voice.

But Sir Reddit isn't the only YouTube channel using Reddit content to get thousands (or even millions) of views.

In fact, EmKay is even more popular with around 1.8 million subscribers.

What's weird about the EmKay channel is that it uses compilations of top posts from major subReddits like r/Crappydesign combined with some funny narration to make popular videos.

How to make money like Sir Reddit

According to SocialBlade, Sir Reddit could easily be making $40,000 per year or more from just YouTube ad revenue alone.

And their strategy for getting views isn't even that complicated.

With the Sir Reddit strategy, you just need to make videos about one particular subject, like a question from r/AskReddit, and then curate the top responses while having your computer read everything.

Here's a Sir Reddit video example:


The visual for these videos can be created by having a screen recording software like Screencast-O-Matic with a video editor or an all-in-one solution like Camtasia Studio.

Once you have the tools for the job, you just need to record or take snapshots of the Reddit post (which outlines the video's topic) and the top responses.


The audio doesn't involve a human voice like most channels. Instead, they use a computer-generated voice that simply read the subject and its best responses.

You can get a free Chrome browser extension that does this like Speak It.

This allows you to highlight browser text and have a computer voice read it aloud.

Or, if you have a Windows PC, you can pull up the Narrator app that should already be installed and have it read the posts and comments for you.

No matter how you have it narrated, you need to be able to record it.

I know Camtasia Studio will do this, as well as many other types of software. Just make sure you're recording your computer's sound, not your mic when you try this.

How to make money like EmKay

EmKay does things a little bit different from Sir Reddit. And, it seems to work, because they get hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views on every video.

According to SocialBlade, they could make $142,500 per year in just YouTube ad revenue if they are on the low end of revenue estimates.

Here's an example of an EmKay video:


Here's a breakdown of what they do for their videos' visuals:

Instead of doing one topic or question from a subReddit and using the top responses as the meat of the video like Sir Reddit, EmKay uses compilations of top posts (like images or memes).

This is pretty easy to do.

You can look up top subReddits that have lots of posts and followers like r/Memes or r/Crappydesign and just look for the posts with the most upvotes for the week, month, or year.

Then, just take screenshots of them and import them into your video editor to turn into a video.


The way EmKay does audio is also fairly simple.

All they do is narrate their response to the posts or maybe even some of the commenters' responses if they're pretty funny.

This is one thing that makes them quite different from Sir Reddit.

They use an actual human and their humor to narrate the videos instead of a computer just reading comments.

Both channels have lots of subscribers, but EmKay might be more popular because of this.

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