In this video, you will learn about 7 Instagram marketing tips and hacks for 2017.

I’ll show you how the Instagram algorithm works and what to focus on to get more followers, engagement, and traffic.

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Here are a few very effective strategies to use for Instagram:



Understand the Instagram Algorithm to get popular

Once you learn how Instagram determines which posts to give more views to, it becomes much easier to build your brand.

Helpful resources:



1. Engagement

Post what your target audience tends to love.

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2. Relationships

When people interact with you often, your posts become a priority.



3. Time spent

The longer someone spends time on your post, the more relevant it seems.

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4. Relevancy

When someone looks at more posts of a certain category, they’ll see yours if it’s similar.

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5. Direct Shares

When people share posts from an account they might see more from them in the future.



6. Timeliness

Instagram tries to show people posts that are recent and relevant.

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7. Profile Searches

When people check out your profile often, they’ll see more of your posts in their feed.




Instagram is one of the top social media platforms these days. You can use it to build a brand, make a nice income off of sponsored posts, market your businesses, etc.

It really just comes down to understanding how Instagram’s algorithm determines which posts to naturally promote and using the right strategies to use that to your advantage.

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Justin Bryant

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