So, you want to contribute articles to This site can help you build your brand, reach a new audience base and provide lots of value to the world. If that’s what you want to do with guest articles, we’d love to have you.

But first, here are a things to consider before applying to write for us…


1. I take this blog very seriously

This blog pays the bills for people. This blog is my baby and I have been working on it for years now. It’s going to be one of the greatest sites for entrepreneurs the world has ever seen because I will accept no less.

What I won’t accept:

  • Poorly written posts
  • Posts on topics unrelated to our audience
  • Posts with broken English
  • Posts full of links to your personal sites


2. What kind of posts we’re looking for

Like I said, I won’t accept just any post. I want quality. My audience demands the best and I will give them no less. Here are the post guidelines I expect from you as a guest contributor:

  • At least 750 words
  • Goes into detail about the subject
  • Written in list post format
  • An attention-grabbing headline that tells readers what the post is clearly going to cover (Use the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer)
  • Headings throughout the post that break it up into sections
  • Following one of the main categories that are allowed (see updated category list below).
  • One or two sentence paragraphs, keep it clean.
  • No foul language, crude humor or controversial remarks that relate to politics, religion or anything that could easily offend people.
  • Original posts that have not been posted elsewhere or spun using article spinners. Must pass Copyscape.

Category List:

  • Marketing – Articles about internet marketing, branding, getting traffic, increasing conversions, email marketing, consumer psychology, etc.
  • Blogging – Articles about blogging tips, how to write better, creating headlines, blog design, making money blogging, getting more comments, getting more blog shares, etc.
  • Personal Development – Articles about how to be successful, habits of successful people, tips for being productive, inspiring quotes, etc.
  • Social Media – Articles about social media marketing, getting more followers, getting more engagement, optimizing profiles, etc.
  • Startup – Articles about starting a business, making money online, outsourcing, scaling up, managing employees, growth hacking, etc.


3. What happens if you get accepted

If you get accepted to become a writer for us, here is what the posting process will look like:

  • I will read your first article that you send to me via email and will create a contributor profile for you on
  • I will copy the article there and make any minor changes to spelling, paragraph spacing, etc. that need to be made.
  • I will submit it, create the featured image for you and publish it on a given date that I will assign to it.
  • I will give you the link to the post and your login information, so that you can write and submit future posts to our site easily.
  • I will promote the post on social media for you and you may want to do the same.
  • You will be able to respond to comments as will I on your posts.
  • For writing future posts after your first, you will just need to go to the “Write For Us” tab on the menu, which will take you to this page. Then, just click the “Writer Login” button below to login and start working on a post if the topic has been approved.


*We give you a profile because we encourage writers to post as much as once or twice a month to help you build a bigger audience, provide more value to the industry we all love and to help become global leader in helping entrepreneurs change the world.*


4. What you agree to as a guest contributor to

To avoid copyright issues and other problems, you must understand that you agree to these terms if you are to submit posts on our website:

  • Any articles posted on are handing over copyright ownership to us.
  • You agree that if you submit something that is copied from someone else or has already been submitted somewhere else, your profile will be deleted and you will no longer be able to post on our site.


5. Examples of post structure

For some ideas on how I expect posts to be structured for success on our blog, here are some examples:


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