Here are the 10 best work-from-home jobs for introverts.

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If you have a pretty good WPM (Word Per Minute) typing speed, grammar, and can make out what people with a strong accent are saying, transcription could be a great way to work at home.

When you’re transcribing something, all you’re doing is turning an audio file (Podcast, video, interview, etc.) into text form with grammar and capitalization.

You might test your WPM typing speed at to make sure you qualify for the website you want to work at though, because they usually have a requirement.

I recommend TranscribeMe and Rev for getting started in this line of work.

Web Development/Coding

When it comes to web development and coding, you can’t hardly find a more attractive skill set for the future, as well as the present. The way technology, and more specifically the internet has been more important in our daily lives, you need A LOT of talented coders to keep everything going.

Whether you like developing software, video games, websites, or something else, there should be plenty of opportunities out there in this field for a long time.

To brush up on or learn a new programming language for free, I recommend SoloLearn. You don’t even need an account or anything to use it and they give you multiple ways to learn each of the most popular coding languages.

Try companies like Automattic and AgencyAnalytics for job opportunities from home.

Medical Coding

You are certified to do medical coding, you might be surprised how many work-from-home jobs are out there for you.

If you aren’t sure what medical coding is, it includes turning healthcare diagnosis, procedures, etc. into universal medical alphanumeric codes. These codes are taken from the transcription of physicians’ notes, lab results, and things like that.

You might look into Aviacode and Change Healthcare if you want a home-based job in these areas.

Chat/Email Support

If you’re more of an introvert, you customer support probably seems like one of the worst possible career choices for you. But, you don’t have to talk to people in person or over the phone to help them.

In fact, there are quite a few chat and email support jobs out there that you can do remotely. It’s basically like texting them back and forth until you’ve helped them solve there problem.

If this sounds good to you, try sites like or Talk2Rep.


Of course, writing is always a great line of work, especially if you enjoy solitude and using your creativity.

You could write blog posts, articles, books, tutorials, reviews, or just about anything else and get paid pretty well.

If you want to get some writing work that you can do at home, try Problogger Jobs and Crowd Content.

Video Editing

While making videos might be difficult when you’re introverted, editing them should be no problem. You’ll just need a good eye for quality videos and a solid editing software.

As far as video editing software, you could try Movavi Video Editor if you’re on a budget for around $40 or a more professional alternative like Camtasia for $249.

For getting work in this field, you might start at places like Fiverr and UpWork.

Graphic Design

If you’re pretty artistic and want to work at home, graphic design could be the perfect career for you. You could design logos, product labels, book covers, vehicle wraps, t-shirts, and much more.

Obviously, you’ll want to have a good graphic design software for doing this. One of the gold standard programs you might use for all kinds of graphic design is Adobe Photoshop, if you don’t already have it.

For finding graphic design work online, I recommend sites like DesignCrowd and 99designs.


If you have a love for writing but don’t want to have to constantly come up with new articles or blog posts yourself, you might do some online editing or proofreading work.

One tool that would probably help speed up this kind of work for you is a free tool called Grammarly. Grammarly will automatically fix a lot of the smaller mistakes like misspellings for you so you can focus on the more complex parts of the writing.

For finding online work in this field, try sites like American Journal Experts or Enago.


When it comes to working from home, many of us first think of customer support, writing, sales, etc. But, one industry that gets forgotten many times is online moderation.

Moderation jobs include enforcing rules, support customers, and monitoring engagement in online communities, social media, forums, etc. Think of like a Reddit moderator that manages a SubReddit while others post things and comment.

A few websites that pay you to do moderation work include ModSquad and Alchemic Dream.


Last but not least, we have bookkeeping. This is another great way for more introverted people to make good money online. It’s especially a good fit for you if you like math, numbers, and data entry-type work.

Depending on the company you work and what they require, you might want to familiarize yourself with tools like Google Sheets or Quickbooks. You’ll probably use a form of one of those if not both.

A couple of places you might check out for work could be and Belay Solutions.


There is plenty of work out there for you if you don’t want to constantly talk to people or have to commute to a physical location. These are just 10 of some of the better options out there for you to consider.

Check out my other videos and blog posts for more websites, tools, and tips for each industry you’re interested in making money in.

Hope you find what you’re looking for very soon!

10 best work-from-home jobs for introverts

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    • James

      Hi Justin,

      I came across your youtube channel and been wanting to find a job to work at home without having to deal with the time or gas to spend and be on time. I used to work at a call center for a couple of months and barely went through the training but hardly understood most of it. I sometimes wonder if I am a slow learner due to my troubles on keeping up with the questions that goes on at the phones. I feel that I would be best suited on reading the concerns instead of listening, like a chat agent instead of a call agent. Only problem is, all I have is a High School Diploma and no degree of any sorts, and I have to keep my financial flowing and don’t have time to goto school.

      I was wondering if you have any suggestions on what kind of work-at-home jobs I can apply without the need of a degree, I would most certainly appreciate it with any help you can give to me since I’ve devoted most of my time and life on the computer.

      James M. 10/30/2018

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