In this video, you will learn about the 10 best small business ideas for beginners in 2018.

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 Quick Tip:

Consider starting on a platform that does the hard part for you in exchange for a small commission/fee when starting out. It makes things easier to manage so you can focus on your strategy without the headaches in the beginning.



Brands, resources, and examples mentioned:

  • TaskRabbit helps you make money doing handyman work, clean, run errands, etc.
  • Handy is similar to TaskRabbit in that it helps you get paid to do handy work for others.
  • Takl is another competitor or TaskRabbit and Handy that pays you for getting things done for others.
  • Problogger has a great jobs board specifically for writers.
  • Websites that pay $200+ per article is a blog post I did that includes 15 high-paying sites.
  • HireWriters helps you get paid to do all sorts of online writing assignments.
  • UberEats helps you make money delivering food from the restaurant to the customer’s home.
  • Lyft pays you to basically be a freelance taxi driver with your own 4-door vehicle.
  • AmazonFlex is a program that pays you to deliver Amazon packages to customers’ door steps.
  • Foap helps you make money by uploading your photos on your phone and making $5 per download.
  • Clashot is a Foap competitor that lets you set the sale price of your photos as high as $80.
  • Shutterstock is a more professional photography site.
  • 99designs allows you to compete with other designers and get paid for different projects.
  • Etsy helps you start an online store where you can sell art, handmade items, and more.
  • Teespring makes it easy to design apparel and sell it online without you having to deal with shipping, packing, manufacturing, etc.
  • MicroWorkers is a site that pays you to do data entry types of tasks.
  • TranscribeMe pays you to transcribe audio into text.
  • is a jobs board for virtual assistant work.
  • iTutor helps you get paid to tutor kids online with a Skype-style platform.
  • Udemy is a site that allows you to teach people something through video tutorials hosted on their site.
  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to self-publish ebooks online to be sold on Amazon.
  • Start a blog in 3 steps is a blog post I did on how to start a WordPress blog quickly for a very small investment.
  • UpWork allows you to sell your freelance services online without your own website.
  • JustAnswer is similar to Quora or Yahoo Answers, but it helps you get paid for your advice.
  • YouTube is the biggest video publishing website on the internet.
  • Dailymotion is similar to YouTube but not nearly as well-known.
  • Twitch is specifically for gamers who want to make money from their gaming video channels.
  • Airbnb allows you to rent out your home, cabin, vacation house, etc. to others like a hotel.
  • Turo gives you a chance to rent out your car to others through a website that includes insurance.
  • Borrow a Boat helps you rent out your boat to others.


Bonus: If you’d like to make even more money online, try these free apps:

  • FeaturePoints – Get paid to try free apps, play games, take surveys, and watch videos. Get free points with this code: E7KRRE
  • Swagbucks – Get paid to watch videos, browse the internet, shop online, and take surveys.
  • Ibotta – Get paid to scan your grocery store and other retail receipts.
  • InboxDollars – Get paid to check you email, surf the web, take surveys, watch videos, play games, and try special offers.
  • Ebates – Get paid to shop online.




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10 Best Small Business Ideas for Beginners in 2018



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    • Archie

      Good stuff. I’ve watched several of your videos. I have a video idea. Why don’t you do a video on jobs that college students can do between classes. They can do these jobs at Starbucks, the school library, etc. I know they can do freelance work like writing for Problogger, Upwork or affiliate marketing., but are there companies that they can do the work in libraries or a coffee shop for an hour or two ?

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