In this video, you will learn about 8 sites that pay you to watch movie trailers.

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With InboxDollars you might earn an extra $200-$250 per month just watching movie trailers and other videos.

On top of that, you can also make money from the $5 signup bonus, checking your email, doing surveys, playing games, checking out deals, surfing the web, and referring friends.



With Swagbucks you can earn money on just about any device watching movie trailers and all sorts of other videos on their YouTube-style platform.

You also get paid $5 to sign up. Additionally, you can make money from surveys, searching online, playing games, shopping, referring friends, and more.

This site has been around quite a while and is probably one of the first companies to pay people to watch videos. specializes in paying you to watch videos that include app trailers, movie trailers, news, politics, and much more.




Obviously, many of the most popular YouTube videos with millions of views are movie trailers. Therefore, if you could get paid to watch YouTube videos, you can get paid to watch those trailers.

Paid2YouTube is one of the only companies I know of that will pay you to watch YouTube videos. It’s a great way to earn some easy side cash.




If you like rewards sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars, you should enjoy SendEarnings as well. They are actually owned by InboxDollars, so you get paid for a lot of the same things.

You can earn money watching videos, taking surveys, completing offers, playing games, searching the web, etc. Plus, you get $5 to sign up.




If you want to get paid to actually go to a movie theater, here’s your chance. MarketForce is a company that pays you to essentially be a movie theater mystery shopper.

The position is called a “Certified Field Associate (CFA).” All you do is check out how many people are at a movie, record pre-movie ads, gather box office information, etc.



This is another company that pays you to be a theater checker. At VeriTES (Theatrical Entertainment Services), you can get paid for a lot of the same tasks as with MarketForce.

As a side note, you’ll probably need to be in the U.S. or Canada to join.



Checker Patrol

If you want to get paid to collect information on theaters as well as restaurants, you might try Checker Patrol.

Some tasks you may do include Sneak Preview Checking, Blind Checking, and All Screen Trailer Checking. It’s similar to MarketForce and VeriTES.







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