In this video, you will learn about 10 side jobs that pay good money in 2017.

If you want to keep your current career for now but still make an extra income, there are quite a few great options out there these days.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Here are some side career ideas you might enjoy:



1. Sell T-shirts online

It used to be expensive and time-consuming to sell apparel, but now we have much better solutions. You can now have apparel created and shipped to the customer after they buy it in exchange for a small commission.

Helpful resources:

  • Teespring
  • Philip DeFranco, the popular YouTube figure, has sold plenty of shirts like this one using Teespring.



2. Drive with Uber or Lyft

Driving with a service like these allows you to have flexible hours and good pay at around $20-30 per hour. All you need is a clean background and a decent 4-door vehicle.

Helpful resources:

  • You might try Uber if you want the biggest client pool.
  • Try Lyft you think you might want a better referral program.



3. Sell things in video games

Believe it or not, you can actually start businesses within virtual video games and exchange the in-game money you earn for real-world currency. Virtual real estate has potential.

Helpful resources:

  • Second Life is one of the top games where you can make money in a virtual world.
  • Here’s an example of someone who made $1 million playing Second Life.



4. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex lets you make money sort of like Uber except you deliver packages instead of people.

Helpful resources:

  • Amazon Flex might be better for you than something like Uber if you aren’t a people person.



5. Freelance your skills

You could sell services related to writing, graphic design, marketing, and much more just by having a computer these days. Employees are expensive and a hassle, so many people would rather hire freelancers by the job.

Helpful resources:

  • For an easier setup process and the sale of cheaper gigs, try Fiverr.
  • For the sale of more complicated gigs at higher prices, try UpWork.



6. Tutor people

Tutoring is extremely helpful to students and because of that, it can be a very rewarding side gig to take up. If you’re good at a particular subject like Algebra, Physics, or something else, try helping others learn it in a Skype-like format.

Helpful resources:

  • Try if you think tutoring might be something you want to do.
  • Try Wyzant for a different style platform than and the ability to do in-person tutoring.



7. Sell photos

These days, an amateur photographer could make as much as a professional one with the amount of websites as well as apps available for stock images.

Helpful resources:

  • Foap is a free app that will let you sell photos directly from your phone.
  • For a bigger, more professional platform to sell your images, try Shutterstock.



8. AirBnB

AirBnB allows you to make extra money by allowing people to stay in your home for a vacation or by giving them tours and other fun experiences. Many people are just sick of the same old hotel rooms.

Helpful resources:

  • Check out AirBnB if you want to potentially let people take vacations at your home or if you want to give tours.



9. Sell digital products

Digital products are low maintenance and very profitable. You could go for software, courses, apps, ebooks, etc. I recommend you start out with an info product though before doing something more complicated like software or apps.

Helpful resources:

  • Udemy will let you make pretty good money from selling online courses that teach something.
  • Kindle Direct Publishing will let you make money from selling books on Amazon.



10. Turo

Turo allows you to earn money by lending your car to people for a day or two. It’s kind of like the AirBnB of cars where you cut out the rental company as the middle man for a peer-to-peer alternative.

Helpful resources:

  • Turo is something you might try making money from if you have a vehicle that isn’t used everyday.



11. RVshare

RVshare helps you get paid from an Airbnb-style platform for RVs. If you have just about kind of decent RV, you can let people rent it and get paid through this peer-to-peer site. Plus, everything is insured.

Helpful resources:

  • RVshare is a great way to earn extra money.



12. Food delivery

If you want to make money driving around while also earning tips without having awkward visits with people in your car, you might just delivery their food instead.

Helpful resources:

  • GrubHub is one of the more well-known food delivery services you could try.
  • Uber Eats is another one usually has a little more range in terms of where you can deliver.



13. Subtitles

Doing subtitles for videos can pay very well on some sites. All you do is basically watch videos and translate captions from one language to another.

Helpful resources:

  • Rev is one of the best sites to try for captioning. They pay $5.00 – $8.00 per video minute.


13 Side Jobs That Pay Good Money in 2018



You don’t have to give up your full-time career to start another gig. These last few years have created all kinds of incredible side gig opportunities for us to take advantage of.

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