You might be surprised how much money you can make just from a few free apps on your Android or Apple smartphone. In fact, I’ve heard of people making hundreds of dollars per day with them.

Whether you are looking to just make few a few extra bucks to go towards some bills or looking to make a legitimate side income, here are 10 great money making apps to try:



1. Feature Points

Feature Points is an interesting app that allows you to make money from something you probably already do pretty regularly. It pays you to download apps.

All you have to do is download this app for free, open it, go down the list of supported apps, download them and try them out for a few minutes.

Then, within the next day or so, you get points for trying the apps that can be exchanged for rewards. These rewards include:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • PayPal payments
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Walmart gift cards

And of course there are many more ways to get paid. Just about any major brand you would use to pay for anything online is on there. You can even use points towards paid apps or in-app purchases.

How to get lots of free points from the start

When you first download Feature Points, be sure to put in the referral code: E7KRRE

This code will get you a lot of free points from the very beginning, allowing you to get off to a fast start and get paid sooner. Otherwise, you’ll have to start from zero and work your way up from the bottom.

After you get a few apps downloaded and you get credit for trying them out, you can delete them or keep them. It’s up to you. You will also unlock the ability to earn points from watching video ads and doing surveys.

Learn more about Feature Points here.


2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is probably one of the most popular money making apps available. They’ve paid out over $146 million to users. One thing you have to love about Swagbucks is they give you many options.

You can make money from:

  • Watching videos
  • Taking surveys
  • Shopping online
  • Searching the web
  • Playing games

There’s something in there for everyone, so you can earn how you please. When you accumulate quite a few points, you can exchange them for gift cards from Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc. like with Feature Points.

It’s definitely an app worth checking out if you want to turn a little spare time into some extra income from you phone. You can also take advantage of Swagbucks on your computer, if you’d like.

Learn more about Swagbucks here.


3. Field Agent

Field Agent is a cool app that lets you do small jobs around town with your phone to make money. They’ve paid out over $6 million to users doing small jobs that help them collect photos and product information.

Companies are always needing more data on competing products, demographics, prices, etc. and you get to go around your city and help them do that when you have a little extra time.

They typically pay in cash instead of gift cards and you can expect between $2 and $12 per task. You really don’t need any kind of special skills to accomplish these jobs either.

Learn more about Field Agent here.


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4. Shopkick

If you love shopping in person at malls and retail stores, Shopkick can make you a little extra money. What you do is download the free app and earn points (called “kicks”) that you can save up and exchange for gift cards to your favorite stores.

You earn kicks for doing any of these things:

  • Walking in the store
  • Scanning items
  • Making credit card purchases
  • Submitting receipts
  • Inviting friends

They include some of the most popular stores too, so it’s not like you have to go in some stores you don’t want to just to earn points. They give points for Macy’s, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.

It’s definitely perfect if you enjoy shopping or just want to maximize your shopping before you’re about to go buy some stuff anyway. It can get you a nice chunk of your money back that you usually spend in stores.

Learn more about Shopkick here.

5. Surveys On The Go

If you like doing surveys for cash, this could be one of your best options. Surveys On The Go allows you to take surveys with your phone, so you can make some extra money anywhere you may be.

Whether you are standing in line, on break at work or doing something else, you can get your phone out and make few extra dollars from a wide range of surveys included in this app.

Another thing that separates Surveys On The Go is the fact that they pay you in cash, instead of gift cards, which is very nice.

Learn more about Surveys On The Go here.



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6. Clashot

Take a lot of photos on your smartphone? If so, this could be the perfect way for you to make money from them. With the Clashot app, you can sell photos from your phone in any genre or subject area.

Because Clashot leverages one of the largest photo banks in the world, you can bet on the fact that there will be many potential buyers. On top of that, you get to sell each photo an unlimited amount of times.

The app also allows you to see the most popular photos, so you can get ideas of what sells best. Being a free app that allows you to make money from photos you would already be taking anyway, Clashot is definitely worth a try.

Learn more about clashot here.


7. Ebates

Chances are you do at least some of your shopping online these days, if not almost all of it. Instead of always paying full price and never seeing any of that money you spend online return, use Ebates.

Ebates allows you to make purchases through your favorite retailers online and get a percentage of your money back that you spend. The more you buy stuff through Ebates, the more money you get back.

Not only can you get up to 40% cash back for online purchases and a $10 bonus on your first purchase, you can also get paid $75 when you refer 3 other people.

They include cash back for major brands like Walmart, Macy’s, Best Buy, Target, Amazon, JCPenney and even include smaller niche brands like Buckle, American Eagle Outfitters, or

Learn more about Ebates here.

8. Gigwalk

Ever find yourself board on your day off or wondering around the city in your free time? If so, you could make some extra money on the side with Gigwalk.

Gigwalk is an app that allows you to do small gigs or jobs for companies that take little effort or time. A few gig examples might be taking pictures of the inside of a business, doing an audit, shelf tag replacement, etc.

You can expect to get paid around $5-$10 for every task and you can accumulate quite a bit in just few hours. This can amount to some nice side income.

If you like being in the city, doing diverse tasks, and making extra money, you’ll love this app.

Learn more about Gigwalk here.


9. Loot!

Have you ever noticed how you or your friends share videos, images or other posts on social media that other brands created without even getting paid to do it?

Maybe the posts are funny, interesting, or informative, so you share them with your social media connections. But, did you know you can get paid to that?

With the Loot! app, you get to make money when you endorse brand content and products on social media.

Before you share a status about a new pair of Nike shoes you got or the anniversary of your favorite restaurant chain, check and see if you can make money from it on the Loot! app.

Learn more about Loot! here.


10. Slidejoy

What’s on your smartphone lock screen? Is it a picture of your family, maybe a favorite car you always wanted, something funny you found on Reddit, or something else?

Either way, your lock screen probably doesn’t have anything life-changing on it. I’m also willing to bet it doesn’t make you money either.

Well, what if I told you you could make extra money without doing anything different from your normal life routine? That’s what Slidejoy does.

It takes a pretty useless part of our smartphone, the lock screen, and turns it into a side income machine by placing ads on it. You don’t even have to click the ads to get paid.

In fact, whether you click them or not has no effect on how much you make. It’s all about just having them there when you are using your phone.

You might not get rich doing this, but you can make some nice side income to help pay for some bills, pad your bank account, or buy some cool things you’ve been wanting.

Either way, the best part about this is the income is totally passive, meaning you don’t have to put any of your valuable time into making it.

You just get the app, set it up and make money from then on while you go through your life as normal. Why not get something out an otherwise useless part of your phone?

Learn more about Slidejoy here.


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Whether you want to get some extra money for paying the bills, buying that new device you’ve been wanting, padding your bank account, or just because you want to get something back from your phone, these apps can help you do it.

Maybe income from your lock screen, online shopping, quick surveys, downloading free apps, watching videos, or all of the above are appealing to you. Either way, smartphones aren’t exactly cheap.

Why not get paid to use them if you can?

What is your favorite money making app?


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Note: There are a few referral links on this page and I may get compensation in some way from them. This only refers to a couple of the apps on this list and is not the reason I am including them in this post.

I truly believe all 10 of these apps can help you and are of very high quality. Also, the referral links don’t just help me, they get you bonuses as well, so it’s a win-win for both of us. I just wanted to be transparent with you about it.

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