Here are 10 ways to make money on YouTube without showing your face in 2019.

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Types of videos:

1. Podcast

The Tim Ferriss channel is a good example of how to post podcast episodes on YouTube without being on camera. Just use a static image with your Podcast cover, who you’re speaking with, etc.

2. Gaming

TheRadBrad is a great channel example for you to model after if you want to do some gaming videos without filming yourself at all. Use game footage and a voice-over to make your content.

3. Screen-sharing

If you’ve watched my channel for a while, you know that screen-sharing is something I rely on a lot. It makes it easy for me to teach you things without needing to stand in front of a camera.

Right now, I think Camtasia is the best screen-recording tool. Plus, it comes with a really nice editor.

4. Pets

Back in the day, it seemed like there were more cat videos than anything else on YouTube. And, people still enjoy them as well as many other pet videos. If you don’t want to be on camera and you have an interesting pet, maybe they deserve their own channel.

5. Compilations

The thing about compilations is they can be EXTREMELY successful but also risky. When you have a compilation of a bunch of short video clips (especially ones from other sources), you could run into copyright problems if you aren’t careful.

But, if you do a good job like People Are Awesome does, you could make A LOT of money.

6. Animation

OneyNG is an example of a successful channel that mostly relied on animation videos. Many of these videos were only around one minute long as well. This could be a great way to go if you are artistic.

7. Stock footage

Sites like Shutterstock that are known for stock photos have expanded to offer stock music, stock video footage and more. You can get free stock clips or pay for the rights for some and use those as the visual for your videos if you don’t want to film yourself.

8. Disguise

Ever heard of Dr. Disrespect on Twitch? Well, if not, he’s one’s of the most popular streamers on Twitch as a gamer. He also has a YouTube channel with over 800k subscribers.

On both platforms, he is on camera, but he wears a disguise consisting of a wig, sunglasses, and mustache. This is one way to be on camera without worrying about how you look.

9. Actors or family members

Just because you don’t want to be on camera, doesn’t mean people in general don’t have to be in your videos. You could cast your family member, an actor, friend, sibling, etc. as the main character while you do all the behind-the-scenes stuff. Ryan Toys Review is an example of this.

10. Photography/Travel footage

A lot of Instagram “influencers” make a living travelling around, taking pictures of where they, and posting them online. If you are a photographer or take a lot of videos of vacations and such, you can use that as your visual for your videos as well.

Types of monetization

1. Merch

Using a site like Teespring to sell merch like T-Shirts and coffee mugs is one of the go-to monetization methods for many YouTubers. With Teespring and many of other merch sites, you can just upload a unique design and sell all kinds of products online with that design on it.

When people buy it, the website takes care of manufacturing, packing, shipping, customer support for you for a small commission.

2. Adsense

When you hear terms like “YouTube monetization” or the “YouTube Partner Program,” people usually are referring to Adsense ads placed on videos. This is how most YouTubers make an income, although it is probably not the best to rely on forever.

To enable Adsense on your videos, you’ll need to get about 10k views on your channel, have a good copyright and community reputation, and a Google Adsense account.

3. Private ads/Product placements

Every once in a while, you may see a YouTuber using or promoting a certain product/service in their video that is sponsored. This is the business model for many Instagram users.

You negotiate or have a set price that you charge companies to have a certain product or mini-ad in your videos. It may look something like the Storyblocks promo at the beginning of this video.

4. Affiliate marketing

Another great way to monetize your channel is through affiliate links. You can promote products you love and actually use while earning a commission for every sale that happens through your content.

Amazon has the biggest affiliate program and should have everything you need to make a nice affiliate income from videos.

5. Ebooks

Another way to make passive income online is to sell ebooks. This will apply more to educational channels, unless you have a great idea for an entertaining ebook.

If you have an educational channel with a decent amount of subscribers, chances are those subscribers believe you are an expert on the subject you educate them on.

This means, some of them will probably be willing to buy a book that teaches them more in-depth about the subjects you talk about on YouTube.

As far as where to sell ebooks, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is still the best place for that.

6. Courses

One thing many millionaire bloggers have in common is they have their own digital courses that they sell. In many cases, launching a course has taken online blog revenue from a decent middle class level to 7 figures or more.

This can also apply to YouTubers. The only difference is you would drive traffic to your course from videos instead of blog posts. Plus, you could start out using a site like Udemy to host it for you, so you wouldn’t have to worry about websites, customer support, etc.

7. Patreon

Patreon is a site that lets you offer exclusive content to your most passionate fans for a membership fee. This way, you have more predictable income month-to-month and don’t have to necessarily sell a product or worry about YouTube demonetizing your channel.

8. Referrals

The problem with affiliate income is conversions. Many people don’t want to pay money to buy something unless they’ve already researched it, read reviews, justified the cost, etc.

But, with certain sites and apps, you can make money from referring people without them having to buy anything.

Money-making apps like FeaturePoints (use code: E7KRRE for 50 free points) pay you 50% of whatever referrals earn from taking surveys, watching videos, trying apps, and getting cashback from online shopping.

They sign up for free, you make money when they do, more people are willing try it… Everybody wins!

9. Link clicks

This isn’t the most lucrative option for monetizing your channel traffic, but if you hate selling things, AdFly could be an option. With AdFly, you get paid when people click a link.

So, you link to whatever you normally would in your video description, but instead of them going straight to that page, they go to an in-between page for a few seconds that contains an ad.

Then, you get paid every time people click your AdFly links.

10. Unique, brand-related, physical products

If none of the other monetization strategies interest you, or you just want to do a little something special for your fans, you could make a physical product that is unique to your brand and sell it.

One example would be how some artists with drawing tutorial channels sell coloring books with their drawings in them or their own line of coloring utensils.

10 ways to make money on youtube without showing your face 2019

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