In this video, you will learn about how to make money from your phone 10 different ways.

Many of these strategies involve things you already do on a daily basis anyway.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Here’s how to make some extra money from your phone:



1. Downloading free apps

You can actually get paid just to try out a free app for a few minutes. In many cases, these are quality apps and you may find a few you want to keep.

Helpful resources:

  • Feature Points is one of my favorites for trying apps and getting paid. Use referral code E7KRRE for free points so you can cash out faster.
  • This video will show you more options besides Feature Points.



2. Selling your phone images

We all take photos with our phones because it is convenient and the cameras have gotten to the point where they are very high-quality. So, why not take your photos and sell them directly on your phone?

Helpful resources:

  • Foap is one of the most popular apps for selling your images.
  • This video will give you more ideas of apps that you can sell photos on.



3. Watching videos

It may surprise you how many apps out there will pay you just to watch videos. In most cases, these are app trailers, movie trailers, and other types of ads, but it’s an easy way to make extra money.

Helpful resources:

  • Viggle is one of the top apps for getting paid to watch your favorite TV shows and movies.
  • Watch this video for more services that pay you to watch videos.



4. Surfing the web

We all use the internet and mobile traffic has become even bigger than tablet or computer traffic. With this being the trend, many companies saw an opportunity to create browsers that pay you just to use them.

Helpful resources:

  • I recommend Swagbucks for getting paid to use the internet.
  • For more services that pay you to surf the web, watch this video.



5. Doing random, small tasks

If you like getting out of the house and still want to use your phone to make money, you can use a lot of different apps that pay you to help neighbors, local businesses, and others.

Helpful resources:

  • TaskRabbit is a popular app that will pay you to doing small tasks for others.
  • The Fiverr app will allow you to have your own little mobile business that you can manage on your phone.



6. Lockscreen ads

Lockscreen ads are one of the easiest ways to make money from your phone because they don’t require any of your time. Just get the app and unlock your phone as normal throughout the day while you get paid.

Helpful resources:

  • Slidejoy is one of the most popular apps that pays you for lockscreen ads.
  • For a complete review of how Slidejoy works, watch this video.



7. Shopping

There are now plenty of apps out there that pay you to shop online, in-stores, and to scan receipts from grocery bills.

Helpful resources:

  • Shopkick is one of the better apps that pays you to shop in-stores.
  • This video has other apps you could use to get paid for shopping.



8. Selling your stuff

I don’t know about you, but I’ve become more and more intrigues by the minimalist lifestyle. Of course, it’s hard to achieve that with a lot of clutter all over your home. Luckily, there are lots of free apps for selling your stuff.

Helpful resources:

  • Try the 5Miles App to sell stuff locally.
  • LetGo is another app that helps you sell stuff on your phone.



9. Having data collection apps

Data collection apps, like lockscreen ads, don’t require any work to make money. You just install them, maybe make an account really fast, and let it collect user data from your phone as you use it normally. And of course, you get paid.

Helpful resources:

  • Check out the Smart Panel App if you’re interested in getting paid for data collection.
  • This video will show you more services like the Smart Panel App.



10. Taking surveys

We’ve all heard of surveys that pay you for answering questions and sharing your opinions. Well, there are more apps out there that pay you for these surveys than you can count. Try them out!

Helpful resources:

  • iPoll is one of the most established survey apps out there.
  • You may also try Google Opinion Rewards if you don’t mind getting paid in Google Play credits.




The great thing about the rise of all these apps that pay us is we can actually make money from things we typically do already.

Whether it is grocery shopping, trying apps, unlocking our phones, or anything else, there seems to be an app that will pay you some extra money for it.

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