In this video, you will learn how to make money from app referrals in 2017.

There many apps out there that have ways for you to make money, but it is the ones with referral programs that have the most income potential.

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Here’s how to make money from app referrals:



1. Find the top referral programs

You don’t want to work hard to get lots of referrals only to find that you could have done the same amount of work for bigger payouts with other apps. Do your research on top programs.

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2. Do app reviews

App reviews are one of the easiest ways to cover apps and get referrals if people want to try them. Just use the apps yourself and show people what you do and don’t like about them.

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3. Do tutorials

Doing a tutorial is another form of content that can be used to earn yourself more app referrals. These just show people how to use the app. I recommend a screen-share of some sort for these.

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4. Do a resource page on your website

Resources pages have traditionally been used to help people find tools that their favorite bloggers use while the blogger gets affiliate commissions. You can also use them for app referrals.

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5. Make lists

Another form of content that can drive app referrals is a list post. This will have a compilation of apps that serve a specific purpose including links and promo codes that get your referral income.

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6. Collect subscribers

Collecting subscribers is a must for any business including an app referral one. You’ll need a service that collects, organizes, and allows you to message a large email list. You’ll also need a service for creating squeeze pages to collect emails.

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7. Link to your referral link or mention your promo code

Obviously, if you don’t include a link to your referral page or your promo code, none of these content strategies will make you any referral income. Double check to make sure you included those.




Affiliate marketing pays well but it can be tough to sell people on buying a product through your brand. App referrals are nice because you can get paid like you do with affiliate commissions except the apps are free, so people are more likely to try them. It’s a win-win for you and the consumer.

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