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Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do – John C. Maxwell

dreams don't work unless you do john c. maxwell

What did John C. Maxwell mean when he said, “Dreams don’t work unless you do“? This lesson needs to be learned by every entrepreneur thinking of taking that giant leap to pursue their dreams. Being an entrepreneur will be hard. There, I said it. All of us who have done it know that. If you…

Tony Robbins Quotes – His 75 Most Motivational Lines

tony robbins quotes - his 75 most motivational lines

Tony Robbins is just one of those people that can say just a few words at any given time and change the lives of thousands of people. It seems like every other sentence that comes out of the mouth of Tony Robbins is put on a picture with quotations and going viral on social media. I…

We Learn From Failure, Not From Success – Bram Stoker

we learn from failure, not from success - Bram Stoker

Have you ever heard the quote, “We learn from failure, not from success,” by Bram Stoker? I want you to read this quote a few times and think about its meaning for a second. You may have heard that taking massive action is what gets results for people, but you still have trouble doing what…

There Are Only Two Options: Make Progress Or Make Excuses

There Are Only Two Options-Make Progress Or Make Excuses

Tony Robbins once said, “There are only two options: Make progress or make excuses.” This quote is exactly what you may need to hear if you have trouble with putting things off or procrastinating. If you are struggling with motivating yourself to take action, think of it this way… What would a successful person like…

Why Do We Procrastinate? The Data Behind Procrastination

why do we procrastinate the data behind procrastination

Why do we procrastinate? There are more and more people every year having trouble overcoming procrastination because they don’t know what causes it. But, data from studies in recent years actually shows why we procrastinate and what to do about it. If you are constantly putting things off to the last minute, running late, not meeting deadlines,…

How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection

how to overcome fear of rejection

Have you ever felt like your fear of rejection is holding you back from getting the sales you need in a business or finding the one relationship that completes you? Overcoming this common fear could be the difference in success and failure for many different aspects of your life. This is why you must take the…

How To Be More Consistent

how to be more consistent

Have you ever noticed that your best results in life come from being consistent with your efforts? Consistency is not optional if you want to be successful in just about anything (as I learned the hard way). The problem is that most people tend to struggle with it, especially when it comes to things like…

Tony Robbins Advice To 76ers: 4 Steps To Stop Struggling

tony robbins advice to 76ers: 4 steps to stop struggling

After a horrid start to the season, about to break an embarrassing record, the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers got some advice from Tony Robbins on how to turn things around and win their first game. If you are struggling in anything in life, whether it is financially, in relationships, sports, etc., one man that is easily…

3 Subconscious Mind Tricks For Deleting Success Roadblocks

subconscious mind tricks

Although few people realize it, your subconscious mind is where the majority of your success will come from. It’s also the source of those roadblocks keeping you from succeeding. Have you ever told yourself that you’re just one marketing technique away from being successful? The problem these days is everyone thinks there is a secret…

The 3 Steps To Success

The 3 Steps To Success

The majority of people in the world tend to settle for less than their dreams. Ultimate success is something many believe is out of reach so they decide to live an average life, wondering what could have been if they had taken a chance on their dreams. Success can be defined in three easy steps…

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