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Discipline Is The Bridge Between Goals And Accomplishment

discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment

Jim Rohn once said, “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” What do you think he meant by that? This quote really applies to everyone. No matter if you are an entrepreneur, an executive, a teacher, a doctor, a musician, etc., we all have goals we want to reach. If you don’t, your life…

Failure Is A Detour, Not A Dead-End Street – Zig Ziglar

failure is a detour not a dead end street zig ziglar

Zig Ziglar once said, “Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street”. These words are of great importance to entrepreneurs around the world. If all business owners and entrepreneurs could understand and apply this to their lives, more people would see success. Because failures can happen at any stage of a new business start-up, entrepreneurs…

How To Create Unstoppable Momentum In Business

how to create unstoppable momentum in your business

Have you watched a movie known as X-Men or watched their comic books? If you have, you have probably heard of ‘Juggernaut’. Juggernaut is a character who can power through opponents and walls like a bulldozer once he has gained some momentum (power and speed). Also, if you remember your 10th grade physics, momentum is…

12 Traits You Never See In Successful People

12 traits you never see in successful people

If you had been studying and reading about other successful people as long as I have, you would eventually pick up a few patterns between them. There usually are traits or behaviors that separate people that are destined to be successful vs others. It may have to do with how you deal with others, manage…

7 Ways To Tame Your Mind And Boost Productivity

7 ways to tame your mind and boost productivity

Did you know that our minds are capable of producing up to 100,000 thoughts every day? With our on-the-go lifestyles our brain is exposed to seven times more stimuli than our ancestors. We wake up to our smart phones, try to reply to the emails, check the notifications and try to scan the headlines even…

25 Richard Branson Quotes That’ll Inspire And Motivate You

25 richard branson quotes that will inspire and-motivate you

Richard Branson is not just a successful business owner, but also a true inspiration to others. He is a classic example of someone who overcame tough obstacles to become a self made success story. Richard Branson wasn’t always a billionaire owner of Virgin Group. In school growing up, he struggled with dyslexia and his grades.…

50 Things Productive People Do Differently To Be Successful

50 things productive people-do differently to be successful

What is it that makes productive people so successful? How do they manage countless businesses, have the energy to work 60 hour weeks and still have time to travel and enjoy time with their loved ones? Well, it turns out, the things productive people do differently from everyone else really aren’t that special. In fact…

How To Create A Positive Mental Attitude To Be Productive

how to create a positive mental attitude to be more productive

I heard once that the way you start off your day is also the way you tend to go through the rest of it. If you’re starting off in a negative state, that creates problems and can hurt the rest of your day. This is why I always stress the importance of starting off your…

Why You’re Stuck On A Plateau And Not Making Progress

why you're stuck on a plateau and not making progress

It’s a terrible feeling when you don’t keep improving everyday, isn’t it? When you can’t seem to get more clients for your business, hit that weight-loss goal, or progress past a certain obstacle in your life, you may have just hit a plateau. “When we make progress quickly, it feeds our emotions. Then, when there’s…

50 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

50 books every entrepreneur should read

Isn’t it interesting how just about every successful entrepreneur you hear about takes a few minutes each day to read a book? Reading, therefore, seems to have some sort of correlation to success. I personally was never much of a reader. I don’t think I ever finished a book in my life until I started studying what…

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