In this video, you will learn about 13 apps that pay you to use your phone as normal.

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Brands, resources, and examples mentioned:

  • Slidejoy is an Android app that pays you via PayPal or gift cards to have ads on your phone’s lock screen. Just swipe twice instead of once to unlock your phone with it.


  • Fronto for Android is very similar to Slidejoy. It pays you PayPal or Amazon gift cards to have ads on your lock screen.


  • Adme for Android is another lock screen rewards app that pays you via PayPal or gift cards from major retailers.


  • Paid Unlock for Android is also similar to other lock screen rewards apps. They pay you via PayPal to display ads.


  • S’more for Android is another lock screen rewards app that pays you via gift cards to major retailers.


  • MobileXpression for Android and iPhone allows you to earn gift cards and win prizes like iPads or TVs for sharing your data with the app. It studies trends in mobile websites.


  • Nielsen Mobile for Android and iPhone pays you $50 per year to have their app on your phone. Nielsen studies TV ratings, online videos, and websites.


  • Panel App for Android and iPhone pays you around $5-10 per month to let their app collect anonymous data from your phone.


  • Screenwise Meter is provided by Google and can make you around $100 or so per year if you allow it to collect data. It’s for Android only.


  • SmartPhoneMate is an app provided by a research firm that studies how people use their phones. They pay you in different types of rewards. It’s for Android devices only.


  • SavvyConnect is an app from a survey company that will pay you around $180. Just have it installed on your iOS device, Microsoft device, or Chrome browser.


  • Mobile Performance Meter gives you points for having the app installed and collecting information on your phone. You can exchange these points for gift cards to Amazon, restaurants, and retailers.


  • AppOptix is an Android app that pays you up to $50 per year in Amazon gift cards to let it analyze your consumer behavior. You need be part of the Strategy Analytics panel to use it by applying here.



Bonus: If you’d like to make even more money online, try these free apps:

  • FeaturePoints – Get paid to try free apps, play games, take surveys, and watch videos. Get free points with this code: E7KRRE


  • Swagbucks – Get paid to watch videos, browse the internet, shop online, and take surveys.


  • Ibotta – Get paid to scan your grocery store and other retail receipts.


  • Ebates – Get paid to shop online.




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