Here are 13 apps that make passive income without any work (updated 2018).

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If you want to get paid to walk, Sweatcoin gives you the ability to do it. You just get the app, earn points for walking, and exchange those points for all kinds of prizes.



Have you ever wanted to start investing but never have because of the cost? Acorns is an app that makes investing much easier.

It gives you $5 to sign up, and that also happens to be the minimum needed to start investing.

You just put a credit card on file, and every time you make a purchase, it rounds the cost up to the nearest dollar and invests the difference. It’s probably the easiest way to start investing.



With Stash, you have another app that makes it much easier to start investing while cutting down on the costs.

You get a $5 signup bonus at the beginning (also the minimum amount to start investing), let’s you invest based on your risk tolerance as well as what industries you’re interested in, and even pays you to refer others.



Just like Acorns and Stash, you get a $5 signup bonus to start, the minimum amount to invest is only $5, and you get to invest easily through the Clink app.

What’s really nice about it is you can set it and forget it by specifying how much you want to invest every day, week, month, etc. Plus, there are no transaction fees.



One of the most useless parts of your phone is the lockscreen. It’s mostly just there to show you notifications and a background picture, but you can’t really do anything on it until you unlock your phone.

So, an app called Slidejoy was created to help you make money from this part of your phone. All it does is put ads on your lockscreen without taking away anything like the time, date, etc.

You just download the app and that’s it. You earn points for having these ads on your phone, and you can exchange these points for PayPal money.



With Fronto, you have a very similar app to Slidejoy. You just get it on your Android phone (not available for iPhones), and once it’s working, you just collect your money.



Just like Slidejoy and Fronto, you get paid by Adme to just have ads on your lockscreen for your Android phone. You do not have to engage with ads in any way to earn money either.



LifeSlide is yet another lockscreen ads app that pays you via PayPal. On top of the money you earn, you can also win weekly prizes if you’re a fairly active user, which is a nice little bonus.

You can also refer people and make extra money that way.



This app will give you some of the easiest money you will ever earn. All you do is sign up, install the app, and make sure it’s working. Then, it collects secured data about apps used, websites visited, etc.

This data just goes towards market research to help understand overall user behavior on mobile devices.

MobileXpression gives you $5 via Amazon gift card just for signing up and pays you a small amount annually to keep the app installed.



SmartPhoneMate is another market research app that just collects data in the background after being installed. You can get paid in rewards to just keep it active.

Just make sure you see a little green check-mark under the “internet connection status” section of the app to make sure it’s working.


Nielsen Mobile

Nielsen is a fairly well-known market research company that studies all sorts of data. One way to get paid a few hundred dollars per year by them is to use their Nielsen Mobile app on multiple devices.

It’s fairly similar to other data-collection apps. You just sign up, install the app, and make sure it’s working.


Panel App

Although the Panel App probably pays out the least out of all the other apps on this list (like $12/year), it is very easy to use and doesn’t slow down your phone.

It is another data collection app that just needs to be running in the background while you use your phone as normal. Also, it is available for both Apple and Android devices.

For extra money, you can take surveys on the app as well.


Mobile Performance Meter

The Mobile Performance Meter app is pretty cool because it pays you to just run in the background and collect performance reports on how well your phone is connected in different locations.

In other words, the app doesn’t worry about browsing data, apps used, or any of that. Instead, it focuses on your cell reception and how good it is.

With thousands of people using this app, phone carriers can get a better idea of what areas of the country phones work well and what areas need improvement.

And of course, you get a little passive income from having it installed.



13 Apps That Make Passive Income Without Any Work (Updated 2018)



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