Here’s how to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a website.

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  • Get a free Pinterest account (obviously). Sign in.
  • Get accounts with major affiliate programs like Amazon and Etsy. Sign in.
  • Go to pages of products you want to promote.
  • Get a screenshot tool like Lightshot and take a screenshot of the product that is at least 2x taller than wide. Go for 300 pixels x 600-700 pixels. Save the image.
  • Get the affiliate link from your affiliate company for that specific product, and copy it.
  • Optional step: paste it on Bitly and shorten it so you can track the clicks it gets. Some affiliate programs do this for you.
  • Go to Pinterest after having the right link, add a new pin, paste the affiliate link in the “website” section, upload the correct product image, copy and paste the title, and describe the product with related keywords.
  • Then, save the pin to a board that relates to the type of product it is and that’s it! Just repeat the process 5 – 10 times per work day to build an affiliate income on Pinterest over time without a website.




how to do affiliate marketing on pinterest without a website pin_opt


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